Joel Reichow of White Bear Lake placed sixth in the Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday, among 3,192 runners who completed the 26.2 mile race. 

Reichow, 28, an all-state cross country runner for the Bears, and an All-American for South Dakota State, currently runs with the Minnesota Distance Elite club.

This was the 39th edition of the race from Lake Bde Maka Ska in Minneapolis to the Capitol in St. Paul. It was not held last year due to the pandemic and the field was limited to half the normal number for the same reason.

Local finishers listed in alphabetical order:


Tara Clark, 37, 4:44:24

Nathan Erickson, 39, 4:28:42

Wayne Grundstrom, 75, 4:05:16

Paul Hostettler, 51, 6:15:11

Chris Lahren, 46, 3:24:57

Trent Lunstrum, 41, 4:47:54


Dewayne Nichols, 34, 4:14:13

Martin Odima, 35, 5:12:36

Joel Reichow, 28, 2:28:07

Alyne Torenvliet, 19, 4:26:52

Andrea Wilberding, 26, 5:55:03

Dominic Wolters, 22, 5:03:57

Krista Yucuis, 30, 4:58:24


Evan Carlson, 24, 4:35:26

Matthew Fisher, 34, 3:54:54

Earl Skrip, 48, 4:33:54

— Bruce Strand

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