Michael Determan of Mahtomedi had the fastest time among 19 local individuals who completed Grandma’s Marathon on Saturday, June 22.

Determan, 40, covered the 40-mile trek from Two Harbors to Duluth in two hours, 54 minutes, 54 seconds. He placed 389th among 6,365 runners, and 14th among 352 in his division.

That was Determan’s second straight sub-three-hour at Grandma’s. He had 2:53:31 last year, improving from 3:19:24 in 2016 and 3:11:07 in 2017.

Among local females, Tara Clark, 35, of White Bear Lake was first to the finish line with 3:55:19, placing 838th among 2,960 females.

The oldest local finisher was Roger Falde, 68, of Mahtomedi. The youngest was Logan Fike, 18, of White Bear Lake.



Tara Clark, 35, 3:55:19

Connie Krostag, 56, 4:38:48

Emily Boosalis, 24, 4:42:31 —

Rebecca Holman, 29, 4:47:34

Carol Crocket, 57, 6:24:13

Kathryn Piha, 37, 6:29:42

Christina Upton, 51, 6:51:59


Logan Fike, 18, 4:56:11

Really Yerigan, 32, 5:13:27

Tanner Gibson, 30, 5:45:21

Joey Keen, 39, 6:38:18

Duane Siedschlag, 55, 6:55:50



Meghan Black, 46, 4:51:38

Alexandra Dick, 24, 5:13:39


Michael Determan, 40, 2:54:54

Greg Krampe, 41, 3:47:07

Warren Sexson, 21, 3:48:25

Starling Black, 48, 4:13:00

Kishore Damodaran, 24, 4:41:20

Roger Falde, 68, 5:00:35

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