If you see something, say something.

We've heard these words from Homeland Security all the way down to our local law enforcement agencies as they engage in community policing. 

While we could not survive as a civilized society without everyone keeping a watchful eye in our neighborhoods, sometimes we report innocent behavior along with the malevolent. Please keep on reporting suspicious behavor while occasionally enjoying a sigh of relief, as we did once in a while during the past year.


• Three suspicious males reported on April 14 for prowling around a swamp area near Troon Court with a scoped rifle turned out to be juveniles testing out new Airsoft guns. All the youths cooperated with deputies.


• A suspicious person reported at 3:56 p.m. March 4 on Maple Street turned out to be bank personnel performing an inspection for a loan.

• A suspicious helicopter reported May 28 in the 10000 block of 69th Street N. turned out to be the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District helicopter dropping pellets into area wetlands.


• A suspicious vehicle parked outside a residence in the 100 block of Dahlia Street at 5:17 a.m. Dec. 22, 2019, turned out to be the occupant of that residence talking with the driver acting as her sober cab.

• A strange man reported for prowling around a front yard in the 1000 block of Park Avenue at 12:39 a.m. Dec. 29, 2019, and chased off by the complainant's dog turned out to be a deer, after a surveillance video was reviewed.

• An SOS from someone having an emergency on White Bear Lake at 7:29 p.m. Dec. 29, 2019, turned out to be several ice fisherman in no danger at all who admitted to shining the SOS signal with their flashlights for no given reason. Multiple agencies sped to the scene of a reported person falling through the ice. The Mahtomedi Fire and Rescue team used an airboat to search the lake and eventually located the fisherman.

• A vehicle reported stolen Jan. 1, 2020, from the 3000 block of Century Avenue N. turned out to have only been moved by the complainant's friend.

• Two suspicious women with a lot of luggage reported for being in the lobby of a multifamily dwelling on Wildwood Road at 10:52 p.m. April 7 for more than two hours turned out to be visitors of one of the residents, waiting for a cab home.

• An employee at the Freedom Valu Center in the 1000 block of Wildwood Road on April 15 reported a suspicious vehicle blocking a gas pump. When contacted, the owner of the vehicle said the key to the vehicle was broken, making it impossible to move the vehicle. While deputies were speaking with the registered owner, someone arrived with a spare key, so everyone could disperse.

• A suspicious male reported for lurking along the 10000 block of 88th Street N. at 7:18 a.m. April 22 turned out to have just been thrown out by his ex-girlfriend and was waiting along the road for the ride he called to pick him up.

• A suspicious vehicle parked at Viking Drive and Henna Court at 12:25 a.m. Sept. 14 turned out to belong to a man who got out of his vehicle to check it because something was wrong with the passenger side front wheel. However, his story did not make sense to deputies, and the man could not offer a better explanation. Still, deputies cleared both the driver and his vehicle after finding nothing suspicious — except for the explanation.

• The neighbor's children reported roaring through the city streets in the 1000 block of Summit Avenue Nov. 30 as part of an ongoing issue turned out to be the neighbor's small children playing with their battery-powered Power Wheels — a children's toy — under adult supervision. Deputies dismissed any safety concerns.

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