The Washington County Sheriff's Office reported the following selected incidents in Birchwood, Dellwood, Grant, Mahtomedi, Pine Springs and Willernie:


• Management at Dellwood Country Club on Dellwood Road N. on Oct. 24 reported that four vehicles parked in their lot were damaged after someone smashed in their windows and rummaged through the vehicles. Nothing was reported taken.


• A traffic stop for speeding 73 mph in a 55 mph zone was reported Oct. 18 on 75th Street N. and Lake Elmo Avenue N.

• A resident in the 9000 block of Justen Trail N. on Oct. 20 reported a $552 check was stolen from the mailbox and later cashed.

• Two vehicles went into the ditch during the afternoon snowstorm of Oct. 20. The driver of the vehicle in the ditch near Manning Trail N. and 115th Street N. was not injured and already had a tow and ride en route. The driver of a vehicle off the road in the 8000 block of Jamaca Avenue N. also told Washington County Sheriff's Office deputies the situation was well in hand.

• An unknown individual was arrested on a warrant Oct. 23 in the 11000 block of Julianne Avenue N.


• A bicycle was reported stolen Oct. 20 from the 1000 block of Park Avenue.

• An ongoing neighbor dispute was reported Oct. 20 on Dartmoor Road.

• Employees at the Holiday gas station on Stillwater Road reported a gas drive-off Oct. 21. When deputies ran the plate of the vehicle, they found the two didn't match. When deputies contacted the business to which the vehicle was registered, they stated they had lost the plate roughly six months earlier and had already been issued a new plate.

• A motor vehicle was reported stolen Oct. 23 from Long Lake Road.

• An unidentified individual was arrested on a warrant Oct. 23 on Juniper Street.

• Suspicious snowmen were reported Oct. 23 in the middle of Hickory Street. Deputies were dispatched to disassemble the suspects. No other persons were seen in the area.

• Following a traffic stop for multiple traffic and equipment violations, a Minnesota motorist was arrested at 2:44 a.m. Oct. 24 on Wildwood Road at Birchwood Road on multiple warrants from multiple counties. After the driver presented a Minnesota identification card and deputies conducted a National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database check, the warrants were discovered. The driver also received a citation for all those traffic and equipment violations. He, or she, did go quietly to the law enforcement center when all was sorted, however.

Pine Springs

• A motorist displaying tabs that expired in August on eastbound Highway 36 and Hilton Trail N. was cited at 11:07 p.m. Oct. 18 for that offense and for driving after revocation after deputies conducted a computer check of the registered owner during the traffic stop. 

• Drug paraphernalia was reported found Oct. 19 in the 7000 block of Pinehurst Court.

• A Pennsylvania motorist was cited Oct. 23 on westbound Highway 36 and I-694 for possessing marijuana and paraphernalia in a motor vehicle after deputies on stationary patrol clocked him on radar and pulled him over for speeding 75 mph in a 55 mph zone. During the traffic stop, deputies noticed the heavy odor of pot.


• Second-degree assault was reported Oct. 19 on Chatham Road.

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