The Washington County Sheriff's Office reported the following selected incidents in Birchwood, Dellwood, Grant, Mahtomedi, Pine Springs and Willernie:


• A resident on Oakhill Court on June 25 reported a bicycle stolen from the garage.


• A suspicious vehicle parked June 27 on the side of the road in the 40 block of Evergreen Road turned out to belong to the neighbor's son.


• A resident in the 9000 block of 60th Street N. on June 26 reported that the trail cameras installed on his property showed two individuals on his property without permission. The images of the individuals have been forwarded to the county investigations department.

• Metal soccer nets belonging to the Mahtomedi Soccer Association in the 8000 block of 75th Street N. and valued at approximately $7,000 were reported cut up June 26 by a school district employee without the permission of the association. There is a disagreement over whether permission to cut up the nets was actually given by a representative of the association board.

• A resident in the 7000 block of 100th Street N. on June 28 reported receiving fraudulent phone calls requesting her Social Security number. When the complainant asked Washington County Sheriff's Office deputies to cancel the number so that other potential victims would not get called, they advised her that they couldn't do that. The complainant should block the number instead, they said.

• When a complainant in the 9000 block of Knollwood Drive N. on June 29 asked deputies to unlock a vehicle with a “slim jim,” they advised her they weren't authorized to do so.

• A vehicle owned by a resident in the 11000 block of Hillcrest Court N. reported stolen June 29 from Square Lake Park turned out not to be stolen after all. The complainant had forgotten where she'd parked it.


• An unidentified male was arrested June 24 on Long Lake Road for violating an order for protection, after deputies spotted him in the same vehicle as the protected party, after the motorist stopped and asked deputies for directions. When deputies ran a random license plate check on the vehicle and discovered the violation, they drove to the address where the directions were given and arrested the male without incident.

• Three juveniles were banned from a property in the 800 block of Stillwater Road June 25 after camera footage showed the three propping open doors to one of the buildings and tampering with property.

• A crisp new $100 bill was reported missing June 25 after a resident of Hardwood Lane left his wallet in his friend's mother's car after getting a ride to the Marcus Theater. The complainant told deputies his friend admitted to taking the bill, but when deputies spoke to the friend, he denied admitting to the theft. Deputies advised the complainant about conciliation court if he wanted to pursue the issue further.

• A Wyoming man, 39, was cited June 27 on East County Line Road and Shamrock Way for failure to provide proof of insurance after deputies pulled him over for not having his seat belt on. Deputies observed the driver trying to put his seat belt on as they passed him; he still didn't have the belt on when they approached the vehicle. The driver was verbally warned about the belt.

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