The Washington County Sheriff's Office reported the following selected incidents in Birchwood, Dellwood, Grant, Mahtomedi, Pine Springs and Willernie:


• A resident on Augusta Lane on Dec. 10 reported receiving an email stating the party had possession of the complainant's Facebook information and password, along with access to his computer webcam. The email writer threatened to leak a video of the complainant if he didn't pay $1,899 worth of Bitcoin.  Washington County Sheriff's Office deputies advised the complainant of the scam and to change his password, delete the email and block the email address.


• A resident in the 11000 block of Irish Avenue N. on Dec. 10 reported receiving a phone call from two different numbers with a prerecorded message saying there was legal action against him and to stay on the line to take care of the legal matter. The complainant hung up on the caller, knowing it was a scam. Deputies advised the complainant to block the number.

• A female motorist was cited Dec. 11 on northbound Manning Avenue N. at 75th Street N. for cell phone hands-free violation, after deputies waiting alongside her at the red light observed her talking on a cell phone held in front of her face. When deputies explained that she could not use the hand-held phone while driving, the motorist said she knew that and was about to hang up. She was also verbally warned for the incorrect address on her driver's license.


• A suspicious vehicle slowly driving around the neighborhood of Ridge Way on Dec. 10, stopping to let out four adults to go around from house to house, turned out to be religious people out knocking on doors. The video the complainant took of the suspicious activity showed two elderly adults who were dressed very nicely and knocking politely on doors before moving on.

• A light pole on Long Lake Road was reported knocked over by a vehicle Dec. 10. Pieces of the vehicle were left on the scene. Mahtomedi Public Works was called out to inspect the light pole.

• A resident of Warner Avenue S. reported receiving a voicemail Dec. 10 claiming to be from the Washington County Sheriff's Office and that she was being investigated for harassing phone calls.  Deputies advised the complainant that the number did not come from the WCSO and called the number. The woman who answered said she did not make the call and that the person who had been calling and bothering her was probably the one who spoofed her number to make the scam phone calls.

• A mysterious camouflage backpack was reported found Dec. 10 next to a fence in the 900 block of Wildwood Road. Deputies said the backpack looked like it had been thrown over the fence from next door and took possession of it for safekeeping. Two hours later, deputies were dispatched to the property next door to check out a suspicious male seen walking behind the property. The male was not seen taking or damaging anything.

• The manager of the Holiday station on Stillwater Road on Dec. 12 reported the driver of a red Impala for covering up his license plates and driving away from a $26.15 tab. Fortunately, the plates weren't covered all the way up, because the manager retrieved part of the number. Deputies were able to look up the registered owner from Oakdale but were unable to make contact.

• An unidentified woman was cited at 10:49 a.m. Dec. 12 on Dartmoor Road for disorderly conduct after she yelled a vulgarity at the complainant that morning. The subject denied everything and slammed the door in deputies' faces when they tried to serve the citation. Deputies left the citation between the door and storm door before retreating.

• Approximately $7,000 in tools were reported stolen Dec. 13 from a business on Long Lake Road. The complainant had suspect information to aid in the investigation.

Pine Springs

• An unidentified male was cited at 11:44 p.m. Dec. 13 on Hilton Trail N. and 66th Street N. for driving after suspension after deputies on routine patrol ran his license number, which showed his license suspension. The driver had to park the vehicle and call for a ride.

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