The Washington County Sheriff's Office reported the following selected incidents in Birchwood, Dellwood, Grant, Mahtomedi, Pine Springs and Willernie:


• A Minnesota motorist was cited March 17 in the 3000 block of East County Line Road for speeding 45 mph in a 30 mph zone and for possessing more than 1.4 grams of marijuana in a motor vehicle, after Washington County Sheriff's Office deputies on speed patrol pulled him over for speeding and smelled pot coming from the vehicle.  The driver said he had 8 grams of pot, which he handed over along with a metal grinder and glass pipe with marijuana residue.  The subject was spot-on in his estimations, because the actual weight of the pot was 8.8 grams.  Three other motorists were cited for speeding that same day at the same location.


• A Dwinnell Avenue resident on March 16 reported finding mail in her mailbox that didn't belong to her.


• A resident in the 10000 block of 119th Street March 19 reported receiving a voicemail from “The Department of Benefits” stating the complainant would be arrested and his benefits terminated if he did not sign certain documents.  The complainant told deputies he had no idea what the caller was even talking about or what the documents could have been. 


• An unknown woman was cited at 11:11 p.m. March 14 on Stillwater Road and Warner Avenue for possessing drug paraphernalia and prescription drugs without a prescription.  She would have also been arrested on warrant, but the county jail was unable to take her due to COVID protocols.

• A catalytic converter was reported stolen March 16 from a vehicle parked on Juniper Street. 

• An intoxicated woman was arrested at 9:12 p.m. March 17 on East Avenue, after deputies responded to a call of a woman trying to force her way into the memory care unit at New Perspectives before running away to hide under a church van.  She refused to identify herself and became physically combative with responding deputies as they tried to detain her.

• A Minnesota driver was cited March 18 on Long Lake Road and Century Avenue for handheld use of a wireless device and for displaying registration that expired in February 2020, after deputies observed the driver pass them with the phone held up to his ear. 

• Deputies conducted a warrant arrest at 10:36 p.m. March 18 on Stillwater Road and Mahtomedi Avenue.

• A Bertha Court resident reported an email scam attempt on March 19, after receiving a spoofed email claiming to be from Amazon, but with an alphanumeric URL from someone named Jim Smith, aka “Alfie”.  The email claimed to be a delivery notice to a warehouse in Delaware for an 86-inch TV ordered from Amazon.  The  complainant immediately recognized the scam because she would never have ordered an 86-inch TV online – and the $1,000 balance due was a dead giveaway, she said.

• A motorist was cited March 19 in the 800 block of Mahtomedi Avenue for speeding 40 mph in a 30 mph zone.

• A male was arrested at 11:31 p.m. March 20 on Century Avenue and Long Lake Road for DWI. The driver agreed to a breath test and presented a .12 reading.

Pine Springs

• A Minnesota woman was cited March 17 in the 6000 block of Hilton Trail N. for not wearing a seat belt.  

• A motorist was cited March 17 on Highway 36 for speeding 77 mph in a 55 mph zone.

• A male motorist was cited at 11:06 p.m. March 18 on westbound Highway 36 and I-694 for driving after suspension and for speeding 76 mph in a 55 mph zone by stationary deputies on patrol who clocked him on radar. Another driver was cited at that location that same evening for speeding 72 mph in a 55 mph zone.  A third driver was cited March 20 at the same location for speeding 74 mph in a 55 mph zone.

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