The Washington County Sheriff's Office reported the following selected incidents in Birchwood, Dellwood, Grant, Mahtomedi, Pine Springs and Willernie:


• A resident in the 10 block of White Pine Lane reported their home burglarized June 3.

• A resident in the 500 block of Hall Avenue reported two drills stolen from his unlocked garage overnight June 2-3.

• Arson was reported June 7 at the intersection of Hall Avenue and White Pine Lane, after someone set alight cottonwood fluff on the road shoulders. 


• A White Bear Lake man, 53, was reported found at 6:56 a.m. June 3 lying along the roadway near Dellwood Road N. and Apple Orchard Road, obviously intoxicated. Deputies summoned one of his co-workers to take him home.

• A resident in the 30 block of Echo Street reported three pieces of jewelry missing June 8.


• A black Specialized mountain bike was reported found June 3 next to the trail at 75th Street N. and Jamaca Avenue N. The bike didn't register as stolen and was taken to the evidence garage.

• A Stillwater woman, 57, was cited June 6 on eastbound 75th Street N. and Lake Elmo Avenue for tabs that expired in December 2018 and failure to change the address on her license. The motorist said she didn't know her tabs had expired because she didn't receive any notification in the mail. The subject admitted to moving more than one year ago and didn't change the address on her license. As deputies issued the citation, the subject said they were “bad” and she would make a complainant against them.  Before deputies could open their mouths to explain, the subject shifted into drive and sped away as deputies stood next to the driver's window. Her behavior was captured on two different video cameras.


• A North St. Paul man, 35, was issued a written warning June 5 on Griffin Court and Hickory Street for illegal passing on the right, after he passed deputies waiting to turn left on eastbound Wildwood Road. The driver pulled himself over and admitted to the violation.

• A resident in the 60 block of Grove Street at 12:05 a.m. June 6 reported her neighbor's exterior light for being on. Although deputies advised the complainant there was no ordinance pertaining to her complaint and that the light wasn't shining on her home, she wanted the neighbor cited. When deputies suggested that she talk to her neighbor in the daytime, the complainant said it was deputies' job to talk to the neighbor. When deputies said they wouldn't be doing that, they were hung up on.

• A resident in the 100 block of Greenwood Street at 12:57 a.m. reported his vehicle towed to the wrong address by his insurance company, and after another tow truck couldn't find the vehicle, accused deputies of towing his vehicle.

• A resident in the 1000 block of East Shore Avenue on June 7 reported fraudulent activity on his checking account.

• Deputies advised a juvenile trespassing on a private dock in the 100 block of Wildwood Beach Road June 7 to fish from another dock in the future.

• A blue GT bicycle was reported stolen June 7 from the 1000 block of Park Avenue while the complainant was swimming at Mahtomedi Beach.

• A vehicle was reported egged at 1:05 a.m. June 9 on East Avenue and Stillwater Road.

Pine Springs

• An Edwell, New York, man, 38, was cited at 12:31 a.m. June 7 on westbound Highway 36 at Hilton Trail N. for driving after suspension and failure to provide proof of insurance, after being pulled over for traveling without tail lights. The person called for a valid driver to remove his vehicle.


• A suspicious male possibly armed with a knife reported at 1:50 a.m. June 7 in the 300 block of Sargent Road turned out to be a male with a handgun in a holster. The male was detained briefly and released without incident.

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