The Ramsey County Sheriff's Office reported the following incidents:

• An adult male attempted to lure a child into a car during the morning school bus pickup time in the 900 block of County Road D Nov. 18. The incident is under investigation.

• A male student was yelling, swearing, attacking and hitting school staff in the 2500 block of East County Road F Nov. 18. Student was transported for mental health evaluation.

• An adult female was cited and released for misdemeanor theft on the 1000 block of Meadowlands Drive Nov. 19.

• An adult female was taken into custody on a felony warrant near Edgerton Street and Liberty Way during a traffic stop Nov. 19. While being booked at jail, suspected methamphetamine was found on her.

• A domestic assault was reported in the 800 block of County Road D Nov. 21. An adult male was arrested and cited for misdemeanor domestic assault.

• A juvenile female was charged with assault after an incident on a school bus involving students in the 1000 block of County Road D Nov. 22. The case will be forwarded to the county attorney.

• An adult male was arrested for a domestic violence offense in the 3800 block of Clover Avenue Nov. 23.

• An adult male was taken into custody in the 800 block of County Road E Nov. 23 on an outstanding warrant and for possession of a controlled substance.

• Theft of a purse from a vehicle was reported at the Otter Lake Dog Park Nov. 23. The driver's door was slightly ajar when the victim returned to the vehicle after exercising the dog. The victim thought her vehicle was locked.

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