The Ramsey County Sheriff's Office reported the following incidents: 

Vadnais Heights

• A Vadnais Heights resident reported $2,500 worth of tools and $400 of fishing equipment was reported stolen from a storage locker in the 1000 block of Birch Lake Boulevard July 27.

• A drunk driver was reported in the 1100 block of County Road E July 25. A deputy saw the suspect driving in White Bear Township and pulled him over after he swerved into another lane on County Road H2. The man was slurring his words and said he had a beer at 10 a.m. because he had a stiff neck. He was arrested. His blood alcohol concentration was 0.20. He admitted he drank a whole bottle of tequila the night before.  

• A vehicle was taken without permission by a guest in the 600 block of Belland Avenue July 24. It was recovered by Eden Prairie police on July 29. 

• Keys were taken from the hand of a victim and their vehicle stolen in the 600 block of Hiawatha Avenue July 26. The vehicle was located by the victim on County Road E on July 28. 

• Shoplifting of $24 worth of clothing was reported in the 900 block of County Road E July 22. One adult male was cited. 

• An adult female was cited for theft of over $175 worth of items in the 800 block of County Road E July 26. 

• A purse was taken from a shopping cart on July 23, possibly while the victim was in the refrigerated section of the store in the 900 block of County Road E.

• An adult female was cited for theft and released in the 900 block of County Road E July 23. 

• A student caused damage to school property at Bellaire Education Center July 25 and was taken to the juvenile detention center. The case was referred to the county attorney’s office. 

• An adult male was arrested for a warrant in the 300 block of Bankers Drive July 25. 

White Bear Township

• Deputies were dispatched to the 1000 block of Meadowlands Drive for a theft on July 25. The suspect was located in a parking lot in 800 block of County Road E East in Vadnais Heights. The adult male was cited for theft and taken into custody for possession of uncontrolled substances. Under investigation. 

• A person placed items in their pockets and left a store in the 5900 block of Highway 61 without paying for them on July 26. The suspect was identified and mailed a citation for theft. 

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