Heading north to pick up 5 boys from camp brought back fun memories from my own camp experiences. Trout Lake Camp is located in Pine River on Trout Lake, part of the Whitefish Chain. The camp has been expanding since its inception in the mid-1940’s. Today the camp offers countless activities from zip lines, rope courses, water sports, shooting sports, and a plethora of games, arts and crafts. This year kids were bussed to and from their cabins from a new, centralized drop-off station, making it easy to follow Covid protocols by keeping parents and whole families from walking around camp. To think someone had the vision it took to buy this site and build a camp. My father talks about the work trips he was invited to join to help fix up at the camp in the 50’s and 60’s. Its fun to know that 3 generations of my family has attended Trout Lake Camp. Today’s facilities are a lot nicer, but the lifelong memories and friendships built are the same. Plan a camp experience for your family or kids at one of the many camps available from your church, YMCA, or scouts. You can even sign up to try winter camping at some camps, too.


School boards and city councils

A balance is needed in local government. Several of our communities have school boards or council seats up for grabs, and the candidates have filed to fill them. City council and school board seats should be non-partisan positions – though lately that seems to have been forgotten. This is a critical time in our communities. We need a balance of thought and people who represent a mix of business and community leadership. These positions should attract those who have experience and a vested interest, not candidates motivated by personal gain, vendettas or a power trip. We need to stop the personal attacks and allow the local elected leaders to do their jobs.

Press Publications will once again publish a comprehensive voters guide toward the end of September. We anticipate lively community discussion through letters to the editor on our opinion pages. In an effort to keep chain letters to the editor out of our opinion pages and publish letters that are authentic and representative of the community, we will continue to implement a nominal fee for political endorsement and anti-endorsement letters.


Invasive species

Minnesota is not new to invasive species but our lakes and river systems continue to be affected by many varieties - purple loosestrife, zebra mussels, Emerald Ash Borer, jumping worms, mustard seed, and buckthorn to name a few. From our Great Lakes to the more than 10,000 lakes, our neighborhoods, gardens and forests are under attack. It’s up to us to do our part. Clean,dry and sanitize your boats and trailers, boat lifts and docks if you plan to move them to another lake. Be careful when splitting plants or working in multiple gardens. Be mindful about transporting firewood and branches. It's up to us to keep the good fight. This year at the Press we were hit by Emerald Ash Borer concerns. We met with an arborist and began the process of revitalizing our property with more hardy, disease-resistant trees for future generations to enjoy. If you meet with an arborist about invasive species, consider a long range plan for your property, as you maybe surprised by tips and tricks they have.


Carter Johnson is publisher of Press Publications.

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