Here at the Press Publications office we have worked to continuously improve in a variety of ways, from growing our audience to our use of gas and electricity. The effort to be more efficient, reduce waste and recycle stems from a community initiative that was a collaboration between Ramsey County, the White Bear Chamber of Commerce, and the White Bear business community. Years ago, we reduced our energy use by implementing practices like turning off equipment at night, installing automatic lights, and turning down the electric hot water heaters, to name a few. This year we finished converting 100% of our building to LED lights. We are excited to announce that our in-house recycling and printing plant recycling will be over hauled by a new vendor that keeps everything here in Minnesota. We all know that newsprint is a practical, renewable resource and that for every tree harvested for pulp, more than two trees are planted. So, what is so special about our new recycling vendor? Foremost is that 100% of our recycling will be linked to jobs here in Minnesota. Unlike plastic waste, where recycling makes up less than 10%, our recycled waste actually becomes something else. Every bit of newsprint, copy paper and cardboard from our office will be recycled and used right here in our state. If you were to follow our recycling bin, it will be shipped to one or two paper mills in Minnesota. If it goes to Cloquet, it will most likely be used to make ceiling tiles for commercial use. The second mill is Lester Prairie where the recycled material is used to create insulation. What is really fun is many of these products can be found on the shelves of local retailers. It’s pretty amazing to think a retailer like Menards, who buys advertising from many of the newspapers in the state, is also selling products on its shelves that were made from recycled fibers that came from some of those very same newspapers they use to promote their sales.


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