The international space station grew peppers for the first time. To celebrate the crew prepared the peppers and had space tacos. The first micro greens were grown and eaten in space about six years ago. It was recently reported one of our own, Josh Cassada, a 1991 White Bear Lake High School grad, will captain SpaceX crew five to the International space station in September, 2022. Roughly 600 people have ever traveled to space, including several who consider Minnesota home: Karen Nyberg, Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, Duane Carey, Robert Cabana, Dale Gardner, and George Nelson.

I knew Josh and his family, and he was a newspaper carrier here at Press Publications. He was known for providing great service on his route. I often write about the unique opportunity it is for kids to have their first job as a carrier, and share about the famous people who got their start delivering newspapers. It’s especially fun to have one of our own carrier alumni find the success that Josh has. We are hopeful he will pack a current edition of the White Bear Press with him on his trip to space. Sending a White Bear grad to space is another first for our community. Congratulations to Josh and his family.


Community Partners

Partnerships between local organizations and municipalities have been more critical than many realize. Over the last 40 years, surveys have been conducted to discover what is needed to keep our communities moving forward with charm and the proper square footage for storefronts. The first Macomb Study found that our small town main streets needed community events to help combat the competition from malls and big box stores. Community events and food options and entertainment would help attract traffic to down town areas. The study also highlighted the square footage needed for retail and parking.

I’ve heard horror stories from communities where partnerships have failed. Volunteers get overwhelmed, and bureaucracy for some of the events that have been taking place for years kills the volunteer spirt. This doesn’t seem to be happening here. We have a lot to be thankful for in our communities from the standpoint of volunteers and community support. Our volunteers and service organizations like Rotary and Lions clubs to name a few  have helped organize countless community events. Festivals and celebrations such as fireworks displays, parades, movies in the park, and farmers markets, just to name a few. These events would not be possible without these partnerships. The support we receive from our city staff, public works departments, police and fire departments - such as helping with logistics, ports potties, event set-up, providing security - is amazing. Thank you for all you do to help keep small town community events alive.



Many of our long-time readers know that twice a year we ask for support with a subscription. Most critically, subscriptions help us employ professional journalists who provide our readers rich, relevant, local content. Your subscription also helps offset rising costs, such as labor, paper, vehicles for delivery, health care costs for employees, and utilities so we can heat our workplace and keep the lights on. New this year, thanks in part to a subscriber recommendation, is a “Support Journalism” yard sign to acknowledge the importance of the work of professional journalists. What do these signs mean. According to the American Press Institute, journalism is the fundamental importance of the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information. With a $100 donation to our support journalism campaign, we will deliver a yard sign to your lawn. Thank you for your support. 


Carter Johnson is publisher of Press Publications.

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