Everyone has favorite establishments in our community, from professional services to food, entertainment and live music. We’re happy to announce The White Bear Press is launching the Readers’ Choice Best of the Press, for the second year. To do this we need your help to nominate your favorites to be included. There are more than 90 categories on our nomination ballot and we want to hear from you. The groups that comprise the categories are: eating and drinking; arts and entertainment; health and fitness; services; local; shopping; and sports and recreation. 

Here’s how it works. Go to presspubs.com/white_bear/bestof  and nominate your favorite places — from the best appetizer to the best local park. Nominate as many as you like in as many categories as you choose, or nominate only one if you prefer. The website has a tool that will find the correct spelling and location of the place you are nominating. 

The nomination period runs from May 5-21. After we have the ballots finalized, we will move on to voting to determine who has the best hamburger in the Press area. If we receive two or more nominations in a category, that category will appear on the ballot. If only one nomination is received, the category won’t be on the voting ballot. It’s not because the one business that was nominated isn’t deserving. We believe to have a contest you need to have more than one participant. So if you are nominating in a category where there might not be a lot of choices, perhaps submit a second nominee.

Voting on the ballot will run from July 14-Aug. 8. The ballot will be in the same spot,  presspubs.com/white_bear/bestof . You will be able to vote once every 24 hours. 

When voting closes on Aug. 8, we will tally the results and prepare a special section of the Press to announce the winners. All winners will be announced Sept. 29. 

What will the winners get? We will provide a certificate and window cling to the winners and a logo that the person or business can use to promote themselves online and in print. More importantly, they will have bragging rights. 

When the coronavirus entered our lives last year, we learned to appreciate the local people who do so much to make our community a great place to live. There are many ways we can continue to support them.  Nominating and voting for them as the best at what they do is a simple, yet meaningful gesture.  

A goal of the contest is to help bring visibility to our local businesses and spur our local economy. 

The entire contest will be conducted online. There are no paper ballots. The contest is meant to be a good-natured, fun way to recognize all of the little things that make our area special. Please join me in taking some time to nominate your favorites. We need you to nominate them so they can be considered as a Readers Choice Best of the Press. What I love about the Best of the Press is we are working hard to keep this hyper-local, and it’s up to you, the readers, to determine the top finalists. So go to presspubs.com, and nominate the places you love in this community, and get ready for the Best of the Press.  


Carter Johnson is publisher of Press Publications.

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