No regard for residents’ wishes

What are our White Bear Lake Leaders drinking?

It’s very clear the leaders in White Bear Lake do what they want, having no regard for what existing residents want.

If Anne Kane, city planner, says that Linden Avenue can handle 5,000 cars per day, she must be referring to the structure of the road, not any logic. When the four-story Waters was built, their VP claimed they would only add about five cars per day on Linden Avenue. On Linden Avenue between County Road E and Cedar Avenue, there are three townhome associations, collectively representing at least 300 homes. People living in these homes range from young adults to the elderly, with everything in between. Plus, there are a lot of other cars and trucks that use Linden Avenue, avoiding Highway 61 for various reasons. Linden Avenue already gets busy! At 5,000 cars a day on Linden Avenue for 18 hours a day, that would mean about five cars a minute driving by current homes that need to get their mail and get out of their driveways! Rush hour and lunch times could be 10 times more, based on how it currently is. And to think the “Rush Line” will eliminate a lot of cars, she must have a special crystal ball. To go from 200 to 8,000 riders per day on the bus to/from White Bear Lake is a wild dream.  

Another example of the arrogance and rudeness of some city leaders is Dan Jones berating Wendy Lee by saying “I’m sorry you aren’t here six months out of the year and enjoying your wealth while we plow snow...”. There aren’t many homes over $400,000 in White Bear Lake, unless you live on the lake.  The Lee’s obviously managed and saved their money, so when retired they could live in a modest townhome and go south for the winter. What’s wrong with that? It doesn’t make them wealthy. It makes them responsible with money. We need a new council person in Ward 3.

Anyone with ears and eyes knows the city decides what will be done “behind the scenes” well before ever having public discussions.

Diane Bennett

White Bear Lake

Linden Place Villas Association Board Member


Inconsiderate driver in 

white pickup

Today (June 21) as I was driving north through town a white dodge pickup truck was tailgating me. He was on his cell phone and no more than two feet behind me. I was preparing to take a left on Eighth Street. I was just going to pass Seventh Street when he raced past me in the left turn lane. I am sure his father must be very proud of him for harassing an 83-year-old driver. Maybe he does not know how to read, but maybe one of his friends who knows this inconsiderate person will remind him someday he might get to live to 83 and when other young, inconsiderate drivers harass him in the same way, he will remember this day.

James M. Muellner

White Bear Township


Song lyrics come to mind

Reading the article on Page 9A last week, “Neighbors feel pushed out” June 19, reminds me of Joni Mitchell’s 1970 song, “Big Yellow Taxi” including the phrase, “Pave Paradise, and put up a Parking Lot.”

Thinking about the “footprint” for a surface parking lot, a lot of homes could be spared if a multi-level parking ramp was built with funds from the $6 million budgeted for removing homes. You could even provide a “skyway” to the school so the winter journey would not be so cold.

Tom Vanderpool

Father of three White Bear Lake graduates

White Bear Township

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