Venburg Tire will be missed

I was sorry to learn the fate of Venburg Tire in the White Bear Press recently. For the past 23 years I have been a happy customer of this local business. I was introduced to this company and its employees through a White Bear Lake Rotary Club auction. I won a four-wheel alignment in the silent auction that Venburg had donated. It was clear to me through the years that this company understood what it meant to be a contributing member of the community it lived in. 

Throughout the years I felt like the team at Venburg Tire had my best interests in mind as they educated me on simple to complex car maintenance issues. No question I presented was too basic, and they were oftentimes talking me out of costly service when appropriate. Through the years I know I spent thousands on tires, brakes and service as I am a bit aggressive when it comes to tire wear and tear. However, I knew that the team would be in my corner helping me find the quality products I wanted in a cost-efficient manner paired with industry-leading customer service. 

To all of the current and past team members of Venburg Tire, I will miss your knowledge, friendship and commitment to excellence.

Adam Fischer



Thank you to courteous drivers

My wife and I are in our 70s. We are not as quick as we used to be in walking. We frequently eat in downtown White Bear Lake at a restaurant near the post office. We almost always have to cross the street to get to the restaurant. I want to thank all of the very courteous drivers who are so thoughtful as we cross the street. Please continue your excellent driving habits in the future.

Dick Ottman

White Bear Lake


Fake news continues

More Fake News: The United Nations wants to charge the Prince of Saudi Arabia with the premeditated murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.  

Everyone knows that can't be true. President Donald Trump himself has said that he personally talked with the Prince and believes his explanation that Khashoggi was accidentally dismembered in a fistfight.

Kristen Brodie

White Bear Lake


White Bear has lost a gem

White Bear has lost a gem with the passing of Alex Bjorklund.

I have known Alex since I was a young man. Each year Alex would have a Flag Day party, or a Christmas party, and her guests were of all ages. Alex entertained people she cared about — young and old.

Her family was most important, but the community of White Bear was very near and dear. Alex supported many local projects. She asked good questions and, when satisfied with answers, was very generous to a fault. Alex was caring, thoughtful and firm. She was always interested, nurturing and supportive of many different things I was involved in. Thank you for all you have done for me and so many in your low-key lifestyle.

Alex, I treasured our friendship. You have been an inspiration. I appreciate all you have done for our wonderful, greater White Bear Community. White Bear has been blessed with you and your authentic care and generosity.

Alex, you will be missed but your legacy lives on.

Bill Foussard

Owner, White Bear Country Inn


Organizations in Haiti that make a difference

My story was published in the June 26 edition of the White Bear Press (“Elementary students learn how they can make a difference in Haiti”). I appreciate the recognition that was given to several organizations that are making a difference in the lives of many families throughout the world. I thought readers would be interested in learning more. Here are a couple of websites where they can find more information:

• The ApParent Project (empowering Haitian families and raising future leaders):

• Trades of Hope (marketing handmade items for artisans throughout the world so they can escape slavery, trafficking and extreme poverty):

Pam Thompson



Many work behind scenes to make celebration a success

The fireworks Thursday night marked the end of another successful Manitou Days in White Bear Lake. The celebration started with MarketFest on June 13, which will continue every Thursday evening through July 25. The Friday night Manitou Days Grande Parade, among the best parades in the state, brought thousands to downtown White Bear Lake.

Manitou Days, like all the festivals and events in White Bear Lake and neighboring communities, doesn't just happen. There are many, many people who spend hours planning and preparing. When the actual time arrives for the event, those same people, along with many other volunteers, put those plans into action, which makes Manitou Day such a special time.

This year's theme was '”Bears That Shine'.” There were 22 '”Bears'” chosen, one for each day of Manitou Days, from over 40 nominations. There are many more '”Shining Bears'” who were not chosen, partly because they were on the Manitou Days committee. Some who need to be recognized for their key roles in making Manitou Days such a great success include Dale Grambush, chair of Manitou Days 2019 and 2020; Lisa Beecroft, director of MarketFest; Pat Oven, founder and director of the Classic Boat Show; and Paul Carlson, Ken Peterson and Bianca Fucini, who make sure the parade happens. Special thanks to Rick Juba, assistant city manager, the White Bear Lake Police Department and Public Works for their extra efforts. And finally, recognition of Press Publications. Carter Johnson, publisher; Debra Neutkens, editor; and their entire staff do a great job of covering events like Manitou Days before, during and after they occur. The Manitou/MarketFest tab that was delivered in ALL of their papers was done extremely well.

We are fortunate to live in an area that puts so much value on “Community.”

Bill Weigel

Vadnais Heights

Manitou Days

Chair-elect 2021-22

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