Agree with removal of cleats

Why are cleats necessary on the city’s southernmost dock? There are numerous cleats next to the VFW and at the end of each finger of city docks. There are also cleats at Tally’s, for those who want to enjoy music nights or access local businesses. The cleats opposite the slips at Tally’s only cause congestion in that waterway for anyone paying for slips on either side or utilizing that area. Why would the city want to give access to their slip renters’ boats, leaving them open to vandalism and theft? Furthermore, why does Pat Igo, who manages (not owns), the few adjacent slips, have any say on whether the cleats should remain? The cleats were removed for good reasons. The few boaters who chose to continue to inappropriately moor there by tying to the northern dock cleats should not dictate the fate of the cleats, either. It’s just common sense, and the initial decision to remove the cleats was the obvious one.

Eileen McConkie

White Bear Lake


What would we do today?

In the 1930s, when Hitler came to power, the German people were in a depression and Hitler improved the economy. German citizens were grateful, and when he began to persecute the Jews and came in the middle of the night to pick them up, most Germans did nothing. 

I wonder what I would do today. I have two Hispanic house cleaners that come to my home every week. I ponder if they came to me crying that they were going to be deported from their children, which could possibly lead to their death, would I only think of my own safety and do nothing?

I am amazed how many Americans are willing to dismiss Trump’s sexual predatory behavior, as well as his war crimes against humanity — particularly with the immigrants from Mexico. Many people have said he is improving the economy and that is all that matters.  

When Hitler came to power in the ’30s, Sigmund Freud said, “We deserve him.” I wonder: do we deserve Trump as a nation? 

Paul M. Reitman, Ph.D., L.P.

White Bear Lake


Found ‘Fake News’ letter astonishing

A response to Kristen Brodie concerning her announcement of Fake News Wednesday, July 10: In more than 40 years of newspaper perusal, Ms. Brodie’s letter decrying Fake News was the most astonishing I have ever encountered. The writer begins by asking her readers to believe, along with her, that the United Nation’s investigation of a possible connection between the Prince of Saudi Arabia and the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is “Fake News.” This is difficult to understand, since there is nothing fake about it. The United Nations is, indeed, looking into the matter. 

She then asks us to accept as evidence of this “Fake News” a private conversation that has never been made public. The Saudi Prince, who is well-documented as a brutal dictator who ruthlessly suppresses dissidents, especially dissent journalists, apparently conveyed to the current occupant of the White House, who has a well-documented penchant for — shall we say — fibs and obfuscation, that the murder and dismemberment was a result of a mere fistfight. Death and dismemberment from a fistfight? Is this even physically possible? And we are not talking about a fight in some dive bar at 4 a.m. This murder and dismemberment occurred during business hours in the Saudi Embassy in downtown Istanbul. 

Is Ms. Brodie asking us to accept that a crime of murder and dismemberment resulting from a fistfight is not worthy of investigation? Are we to simply laugh it off as another case of “boys being boys?”

Uff Da.

LaWayne Leno


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George Kimball

Re the “Found ‘Fake News’ letter astonishing” letter to the editor, Km very sure the writer (Kristen Brodie) was being sarcastic in her remarks. She was really saying that Trump’s belief of Saidi Arabia’s official explanation of the journalist’s dismemberment caused by a “bar fight” is ridiculous.

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