Charitable gambling — what it means to our communities

After reading a recent White Bear Press article "Pull-tab pie," it felt necessary to respond with a letter explaining the view of another American Legion Post. As the assistant gambling manager for the Bayport American Legion, Post 491, it's understandable how the Kramer-Berg Legion Post 507 might be worried about its future; charitable gambling is a competitive industry.

There is legitimate concern with hockey associations coming into the picture and taking over some of the business. When these organizations come in, all of their profits will be going towards hockey. They will not be supporting the community in other ways or our veterans and veterans' families, which is what the Legion's charitable gambling mission is all about. Stillwater Hockey recently tried to take over a couple of the Bayport Legion's sites and, fortunately, I believe our bar owners realized that this would hurt the efforts we put out for the community and veterans. This year alone, we have donated to almost every sporting team in the Stillwater district by cash donations and also by hosting purse bingo as fundraisers for their organizations. $10,000 was donated to Stillwater Hockey directly to fund new locker rooms at their home arena. 

Our pull tabs have been in Cozzie's Tavern in Stillwater since they opened, so it seems it would only make sense for Chris Cosgrove to want to stick with us at his new site in Mahtomedi. We have been successful for him and, as a business owner, he wants to go with what he knows works. Chris has been assured by us that we would be more than happy to donate to the Mahtomedi/Willernie community just as we have supported our Stillwater, Hugo, Lakeland, Bayport and surrounding communities. The past two years we donated a total of $15,000 for the Mahtomedi baseball team and welcome any other donation requests.

I think for some of the smaller legions, it would be beneficial to work together. We welcome you to visit us at the Bayport American Legion; the public is always welcome.

Kelly Smith Green (Bertelsen)

Marine on St. Croix


Repeating the past

In response to Paul Reitman’s “What would we do today?” letter on July 17: This most certainly will come to pass if the radical left comes to power. With socialism embedded in their agenda. The “war to end all wars” was fought against Facism, Nazism, Communism and Totalitarianism. Most of the “isms” were defeated; others are becoming failed states. And atrocities galore. Now it is no longer without but within. Think the world’s a bad situation now? Wait till there is no USA to save the day. Socialism abides in all the aforementioned. The people of this country better wake up. Mainstream media outlets are owned by such like-minded people and organizations. There are other outlets that tell the other side of the story. Trump is rude, but I don’t want to wake up someday and find myself missing him.

Mike Gibbons

White Bear Lake


Make Hugo its 

own district

Instead of spending millions of dollars on improving schools, it is time to redistrict and let Hugo have its own district, separate from White Bear. White Bear is tearing down homes to build senior housing, and Hugo has the land and the population of young families to support the schools. Over the years, White Bear has closed many elementary schools and, it seems to me, wasted a lot of money.

Karen Hamer

White Bear Lake


Why such a large school bond?

According to the most recent estimate, the population of Minnesota is 5.68 million. This population is represented by 201 legislators. According to an article in the White Bear Press on July 24, "White Bear Schools’ bond would be biggest in state history,” this bond issue was devised by a 90-member committee. Why such a large committee, and why such a large school bond? What areas does the school district encompass and how many children? Since a school bond issue affects everyone in the district, a follow-up article with facts and figures should be written.

Gary Zweig

White Bear Lake

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