Feel councilman owes apology

I would like to comment on the article regarding the proposed 4-story apartment complex at the corner of County Road E and Linden Avenue.  (“Apartment complex gets preliminary plat approval,” June 19, 2019.)

Dan Jones did not work hard enough for his constituents. I expect an apology from Mr. Jones for berating me for my comments about the parking. I was gone from White Bear Lake for one week in March and one week in May, not six months. Check my attendance at the White Bear Lake -YMCA. 

I saw the snow on E and Linden and there was no parking for a month or more. If there were nine neighborhood meetings, why didn’t you inform all residents of townhomes on Linden Avenue and surrounding areas that would be affected by the parking and traffic with a neighborhood flyer? 

I was a leasing manager for 1,200 apartments by the U of M, I know parking issues. After the first residents get the 1.45 parking spots per unit versus the 2 by code, where would their guests park? Do you really think they want to live there without parking? 

The Stadium parking is full and other businesses on E would not want residents to use their parking lots. 

And 5,000 trips per day on Linden? This has been a quiet residential townhome area set at 30 mph that needs to be reduced to 20. My husband, a business consultant, did an excellent traffic report for E and Linden. Putting in cement barriers for no left turn on E, will cause traffic delays for those trying to turn left on Linden and those going east on E to be backed up, as only a few cars can turn on the light. 

Thinking that residents are going on the new bus line is not the answer. They will still drive their cars to the bus parking and if it is a 6 to 6 bus for suburbs ….the workers get stuck downtown if they miss their bus home! I hope the whole council will be residents of this monstrosity they have approved and everyone in the neighborhood disapproves. 

Wendy Lee

White Bear Lake 


White Bear lost one of its greatest sailors

I’ve enjoyed the recent articles about the A boats and the pending return of the “Queen Mary” to White Bear Lake and the boatbuilders and sailors who have kept them alive.  However, I found it somewhat ironic after seeing the obituaries in this week’s White Bear Press, that we lost perhaps White Bear Lake’s greatest boatbuilder and sailor... Gerry Spiess.

I have a vivid memory of bicycling past his house on Floral Drive many years ago. The garage door was open and there he was, working on the Yankee Girl. 

Tom Clark


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