Will watch prescription mandates

Thanks go to state Rep. Dr. Alice Mann, who left her clinical practice to run for state office in order to make overdue, necessary changes regarding pharmacy benefit managers’ (PBM) clout in the pricing and availability of prescription drugs in Minnesota. I for one had no idea PBMs existed, with a main goal being, “The PBMs, for example, negotiate deals that have drugmakers charge a set price but rebate a large share of that price to insurance companies” and other practices leading to the overcharging of patients.

I will be watching closely for evidence that the changes mandated by the Legislature actually are being put in place — and everyone in Minnesota who takes prescription meds should do the same.

Jan Carlson

White Bear Lake


What’s holdup with Hy-Vee?

The building season is in full stride and yet Hy-Vee has yet to break ground (on Hoffman Corner). I am sure the company is trying to “strong-arm” the three businesses to the east out of their property. Hopefully our local governments won’t side with big business and hand over the property to Hy-Vee via eminent domain or other government robbery.

Mike Misgen

White Bear Lake


Beholden to the people no longer applies

“Beholden to the People” is the principle our representative democracy should strive for. The framers of our Constitution believed that our representatives should be a microcosm of the people they serve, with the same goals, ideals and desires. Familiar with the issues important to us, their vote would mirror the vote we would cast. Current federal and state governments have eroded our government so far that the phrase “Beholden to the People” no longer applies. Studies have shown that our representatives’ votes do not reflect the people’s beliefs. Their votes align with the interests of elite donors and political action committees (PAC). Their time is hijacked by demands to fundraise (more than half of their time while in session). While the framers attempted to prevent such a situation, political parties and big business have eroded any such protections provided by the Constitution. As our elected officials serve their respective parties and PACs, We the People are squeezed out. RepresentUs is a national, nonpartisan campaign that brings together conservatives, progressives and everyone in between to pass anti-corruption laws in cities and states across the country that stop political bribery, end secret money and fix our broken elections. Our campaign is centered around our model legislation, the American Anti-Corruption Act. This Act does three main things:

 • Stops legalized bribery so lobbyists and special interests can’t use donations and job offers to influence politicians.

• Ends secret money so we know who’s buying political power.

• Fixes our broken elections so that people, not the political establishment, are the ones in control.

Voters in South Dakota made history by approving the first statewide Anti-Corruption Act in the United States. Minnesota can do the same. It starts in your community. In the Twin Cities, we have formed a chapter to help RepresentUs. Join us!

For information on and to join the Minnesota Chapter: https://groupme.com/join_group/49413667/PSIDa7RH

For information on the Anti-Corruption Act: https://represent.us/anticorruption-act/

Andrew Maruyama

White Bear Township


Mega-school doesn’t fit in White Bear Lake

I’m writing about a situation that isn’t receiving nearly enough attention. You may have read a few weeks ago about the school board’s plan to build a massive 5,000-student mega-campus within walking distance of our charming downtown.

A school of this size will create traffic and chaos, not the ideal fit for our community. Worse yet, it DOESN’T FIT. Current plans for the mega-school include purchasing and demolishing 20-30 family homes. Unluckily for us, my family happens to own one of the homes.

Our family has been in “The Bear” for 15 years. I’ve coached here, donated money to the school system and put a spotlight on the community with the All Hockey Hair Team videos. Heck, I even co-wrote a song for the WBL food shelf titled (ironically), “Ain’t Home ‘til White Bear.” And now a few people on the school board have decided our home should be collateral damage for their massive campus.

It’s paralyzing to have your home on a tear-down list. Should I remodel the basement? Should we do the window boxes this year? And it puts your life in a holding pattern, as we will be unable to sell our home with the cloud of uncertainty of this project looming. And it’s not just us: the future of our entire neighborhood has been hijacked, as we are unable to control our own destiny.

Many of these houses are beautiful historic residences. These are not tear-down houses. Quite the contrary: in some cases, they are family homes that have been passed down for generations.

I’m urging you to email members of the school board to let them know what you think of a massive 5,000-student campus being plopped down right next to our charming downtown, and a project that will force families in our community to lose their homes.

Simply put, the school board’s plan is not a good fit for White Bear. And it doesn’t fit in White Bear.

John King

White Bear Lake

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