Recommend reading Mueller report

The Mueller report may be the most important read of my life. I'm in the process now. Those who haven't read it for themselves, and listen only to news sources or social media, will not know the full truth Mueller's team found. The report is very detailed with all the sources listed for the information given. The truth will set us free from what others tell us to believe!! Attorney General William Barr did all of us a disservice when he said Mueller found no case for obstruction of justice by the President. Mueller did no such thing. Barr told us a lie. The only way we can decide for ourselves what obstruction Mueller found is to read the report. I challenge all Americans to make an honest search for themselves of the documented facts in the report. Otherwise, we have no basis for really knowing what happened, except the claims of social media and our own favored news sources. One thing is certain, the Russians tried to undermine our election process, and are still doing it as we move toward the 2020 elections. How do I know? All documented in Part 1 of the Mueller Report. Read it, and act through members of Congress and state officials, to secure our elections from foreign influence.

Join the Mueller Book Club to join a community of thousands who are all reading the Mueller report at

Janice Hallman

White Bear Township


Letter writer missed mark on district plans

As a participant of the White Bear Lake Area School District Facilities Planning Team, I’m writing in response to the recent letter that missed the mark regarding future development plans. I urge community members to check facts, ask questions, and participate in conversations before jumping to extreme conclusions. Misinformation like this could have detrimental results for our community’s youth. 

1. Careful research has estimated that the new campus would have capacity for 3600 students, not 5000.

2. There is not a tear-down list. To quote Sara Marie Moore in her April 17, 2019 White Bear Press Article on the issue, “Engwer said the district would be looking to purchase houses if residents are interested in selling. She said she doesn't think the district wants to use eminent domain.” I understand it’s a complicated resting place for those with houses near the property. It's also on opportunity for those who see risk in the current plan to become involved, work toward a plan they support, or learn why the current plan was proposed. Mr. King’s value as a resident is substantial, and his contribution is unquestioned. It would sadden us all not to have him, or his salad, as a resident of WBL. 

3. The plan was not created by a few school board members, but was created by a 90-member committee and a 30-member subcommittee. All resided within the community and had broad socioeconomic and professional backgrounds. All saw the need. It was then proposed to the school board.

I believe the amount of U.S. school districts that split high schools by grades is in the single digits, because it is not the best design for students. Communication with current students, alumni, and staff show strong support for combining high schools, and the diverse planning team believed two high schools in the district would not be ideal. 

I urge members of the community to consider this plan with an open mind. I personally like the location because of the neighborhood feel and close distance to White Bear Lake’s downtown. It has great potential to be good for our community and businesses. 

Joel Peck

White Bear Lake 


Democracy gone in White Bear Lake 

Congrats to Andrew Maruyama’s May 29 Letter to the Editor.  He says our government has moved away from representing the views of the people. But it’s not just on a state or national level. The views and wishes of residents right here in White Bear Lake are totally disregarded by our leaders. 

White Bear Lake leaders are deciding on development before ever having one discussion with impacted residents, which makes public meetings before the Planning Commission and the City Council complete shams. No adjustments are made to residents' requests. Sometimes leaders don’t even pretend to be paying attention to what residents are saying. It's very insulting and disrespectful. They are doing what they’ve decided.

The high-density apartment buildings currently approved are probably to help fill the “expected” 8,000 riders per day for the pending Rush Line. City leaders are waiving minimum parking requirements, not caring about the chaos they’re creating for people who live around these apartment buildings. The latest high-density development will create an additional 726 “trips” per day on Linden Avenue. The majority will drive down Linden to Cedar Avenue, as there will likely be a traffic jam on Linden Avenue at County Road E since there is just one lane. Current residents on Linden Avenue will dodge traffic trying to get across the street to their mail boxes, not to mention the challenge of backing out of their driveways. With code for the minimum parking spaces waived, the developer says the rest can park on County Road E.  Right.

If you think it’s not going to impact your neighborhood, then you aren’t paying attention. Our leaders are changing the zoning, so once sold, only high-density can be built. They call it “reguiding” for the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

The first step to get our city back, and our voices heard, is to change the leadership. Anyone who will truly listen to residents and run against our current mayor, you will get tons of support. The loss of our democracy started at the top. And for all wards with a council person who doesn’t support your views, vote them out.

Peggy J. Van Sickle

White Bear Lake

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