The shortage of staff at area Department of Motor Vehicle facilities has been in the news lately. We experienced it first-hand when scheduling a driving test for our 16-year-old. 

We had booked him to take the test on his birthday at Arden Hills several months ago. He is among the first of his friends to turn 16, and was excited about getting his license. He has proven himself to be a cautious and attentive driver, so we were surprised when he didn’t pass the test. He got tripped up making a left turn from the wrong lane, which is an automatic fail. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety estimates 25% of kids don’t pass the first time.

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ken montzka

25% don't pass the first time statewide, but at the Arden Hill test location, I bet its 50 to 75% don't pass the first time, and its the trick you stated. The little young nervous 16 year old takes a turn on to the road that doesn't have the clear markings of a one way and while the nervous kid drives on the right lane on a 4 lane one way one block road the teacher drops the killer take a left 1/2 block up. The kid goes to what he thinks is the left lane of the 2 way road puts his blinker on takes the left and fails the test, because he didn't register or didn't know he was on a 1 block 4 lane one way road. Left turn from wrong lane.

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