Start planning now for your early morning and afternoon commute. It’s up to all of us to help keep kids safe in our neighborhoods. With school back in session our youth will be traveling to and from school on foot and by bus, bike, and possibly electric scooter or skateboard. Start seeing kids and stop when they are crossing the streets. Let’s give our bus drivers a break too. Many are new and have to figure out their routes, along with the stress of transporting a slew of kids and dealing with road construction and road rage. Follow the rules by stopping when the stop arm is out, give them room, and don’t tailgate or pass a bus illegally. The start of school also brings more teen drivers on the roads. As you plan your schedule for the next month or two, give yourself an extra 15 minutes of wiggle room to get where you’re going.

As the school year begins let’s also keep in mind we need to give teachers a break, too. We know the past couple of years of the pandemic have been hard on students and teachers alike. Many districts are experiencing a shortage of teachers. They need our help. My observation over the years I’ve had kids in school is that teachers have more pressure from parents than ever before.  Teachers now have to answer countless emails from parents. It is reasonable to get in touch with your child’s teacher about major academic or behavioral concerns, but understand they cannot possibly address every little issue or homework assignment for every student in their classroom every day. Parents should be mindful about when to back off, and bring up concerns at a parent teacher conference. Ask how you can help support the school or classroom. Volunteer in the classroom and be an encourager, not a complainer. Teachers need our support so they can do their job of teaching our kids rather than managing the needs of a few overbearing parents.

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