Over MEA weekend, my friend Jesse invited me, my son, and a few high school friends and their kids to his cabin on Lake Vermillion for one last fishing trip and to close it up for the season. In the past, we have tried our hands at a muskie tournament, and walleye and trout fishing. The fishing was slow. We met up with a fishing guide, Casey, who took us out. We landed a handful of small fish and were thankful for the filets in the freezer so we could have Mike’s signature fish fry. 

Nothing is better than trolling with a muskie rod and good conversation. We trolled for a few hours when Jesse had a hit. After landing a muskie, we ended up cutting the net tangled with the 10-inch lure. Jesse wanted to limit the time the fish was out of the water. A quick photo and it was back in. We didn’t even measure the fish. Over the years, we have been told it’s better not to weigh them unless you use a proper scale. The goal is the health of the fish and to limit its time out of the water. If I were to guess, it was 43 to 45 inches. According to some different online charts, the fish would weigh in around 23 to 29 pounds. What made it special is that last year Jesse set me up with the same lure and I pulled in my first muskie after years of trying. A new state catch and release record was set this past summer for a muskie, which also happened on Lake Vermillion. It measured 57 ¼ inches and weighed in at 47 pounds.

As we made our way back to the cabin for dinner, we sent a couple of photos to the kids who stayed behind to play football. Playing on the deck made it more challenging. If someone missed a catch the football rolled off the deck and ended up down the bank and on or near the water. The boys said they spent more time on the trails to the lake than actually playing football. 

Throughout the days the boys fished from the dock, had campfires, played ghost in the graveyard and did things boys do — some of them more stupid than others. The weekend was a success and the boys were returned home safe with a few scrapes. As we closed up the cabin for the weekend, the dads noticed how all the extra hands made light work of moving the deck furniture. It was pretty neat to see the boys come together and help us expedite the cabin-closing process. As with any fishing trip, we left the cabin with memories and a slight odor of smelly clothes and wet dogs, but we’re thankful for friends and another MEA weekend. 


Phone and email scams

As always, it’s better to be safe than sorry with email and phone scams. More and more we hear phishing scams are the new normal. One that is making the headlines again is a phishing scam via phone. A typical scam might start out like, “This is your bank, we just denied a charge in Florida.” This technique is so good because we have all had legitimate calls from our credit cards or bank accounts where we have had to turn down a charge. Since it is so believable, they ask for your account number and say they will follow up with an e-mail verification. This is the part that gives them total access to your bank account. They will now ask you for the verification code that was sent to your email inbox. What they try to do is reset your password and then you give them the verification code to reset the password to your account. As always, be skeptical of incoming calls, and don’t answer any questions or give out information. If you’re concerned, call the number on the back of your bank or credit card in question. More than 20,000 people have been victims of these scams, with millions and millions in losses. 


Youth and adult carrier routes

Press Publications has carrier routes available. If you’re looking for a way to get exercise or to meet your neighbors, or as a first job for your child, give us a call. Carrier routes offer a once a week delivery schedule, with monthly collections opportunities to earn tips for good service. Warren Buffet and Gene Simmons’ first jobs were paper routes. Many of our carriers start delivering the paper around the age of 11, with some parental help. Most routes are 45-60 papers and take about 30-45 minutes to deliver. We drop the paper bundles at your home and ask that they are delivered by 7 p.m. on the day the paper is published. Carrier routes can help teach entrepreneurism, discipline, small business and people skills by delivering the best source of community information.  Call or email our circulation staff at ppcirc@presspubs.com or 651-407-1200.


Carter Johnson is  publisher of Press Publications.

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