WHITE BEAR TOWNSHIP — A fire occurred at Water Gremlin Company, a fishing tackle manufacturer, Friday evening, June 28.

“There was a fire in some ductwork and one of their vapor collection units,” reported White Bear Lake Fire Department Chief Greg Peterson. “No one was hurt.”

The fire department responded to the call about 6:45 p.m. It took a couple of hours to quell the fire and assess the damage.

Neighbor Linda Guanzini said she saw yellow-gray smoke spewing from the manufacturing facility that evening. She said she was concerned about the color of the smoke in light of Water Gremlin's recent release of a pollutant into the air through its manufacturing process. The company no longer uses the solvent.

The fire department used dry chemical extinguishers to extinguish the fire. “It was a smoldering fire that was difficult to put out due to its location and the potential dangers of using water in that area of the plant,” Peterson explained. “The yellow color that they saw was most likely the dry chemical powder from the fire extinguishers being extracted by the ventilation system.”

The fire was isolated to the company's casting operations area, reported Water Gremlin spokesman Chris Duffy.

“The company’s trained response team took immediate action to extinguish the fire and all employees were evacuated to ensure their safety,” he stated. “No one was hurt, and the damage was minimal. We appreciate the support of the White Bear Lake Fire Department in extinguishing the fire.”

Sara Marie Moore

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