White Bear Press: 2019 Year in Review

Paging through every 2019 issue of the White Bear Press for our annual look back really jogs the memory. So many stories. So much news. The year got off to a sad and tragic start with the passing of master potter Warren MacKenzie and a murder-suicide in White Bear Township, the year's top online story. The dominant headliner last year was, of course, Water Gremlin. The company reported violations of its air quality permit to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in January and its infractions escalated from there. Water Gremlin is now in court over lead exposure. The carcinogenic solvent spewed into the air, TCE, has been put on the back burner. Legislators promise to work on a statewide ban of TCE, however, with some exceptions for use, in the upcoming session. The school district's bond referendum also received much important coverage. The $326 million referendum was the largest ask in state history. As usual, it was impossible to include all the pertinent coverage of cops and courts, schools, sports and government news, but highlights have been gleaned as is tradition in this retrospective. The myriad stories and photos brings home the value of a community newspaper. It is information you wouldn't get anywhere else.


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Jeremy Denton

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