The White Bear Lake Area Educational Foundation Brosious Grant committee is giving about $19,500 to teachers this year.

Following are the educational projects that will be funded:


‘The Latehomecomer’

School: ALC; teachers Seth Salenger, Michele Norcross. The hope is to bring Kao Kalia Yang to speak to students at the ALC. Students from North and South will also be invited to join the students at the ALC for a day of workshop with Kao Kalia Yang after the students have read the book the “The Latehomecomer.” The objective of this curriculum is to expose students to different cultures and stories of success so that they can see either people like themselves culturally or as a learner and see how grit, determination, becoming agents of their own learning can drastically change the course of their lives. 


Guitar Club

School: North Campus; teacher David Melvin. The plan is to start a Guitar Club during Bear Time (a relationship building/club activities/academic support during the school day.) He would like to purchase six acoustic guitars, cases, strings, etc. for a group of 6-15 students from both general education and special education backgrounds who have a strong desire to express themselves musically. Students will gain knowledge and instruction on playing techniques, theory and music reading while playing together to compose music. It will also help students learn songs, perform, compose and record.


Revamping the Apartment to Encourage Independent Living

School: South Campus; teacher Paige Pinnow. This request is for special needs students and involves teaching daily living skills. The apartment is in need of upgrades and remodeling. The WBLAEF will fund a refrigerator, and washer and dryer.


Vinyl Cutter

School: Sunrise Park Middle School; teacher Philip Sundblad. Sundblad would like to purchase a vinyl cutting machine for the Design Lab. Students would be able to use this machine to produce a two-dimensional project and print it afterward. All sixth and seventh graders will be able to use this machine.


Lakeaires Popcorn Stand

School: Lakeaires Elementary; teachers Amy Van Akkeren, Cassandra Krenz.

The Special Education Tier 2 program at Lakeaires Elementary will create and run a popcorn stand for students to learn mathematics, life/adaptive and community service skills. This grant will buy the necessary supplies to make this a reality, including the purchase of popcorn maker, popcorn, salt, etc. 


Partnering with Families to Create Multilingual Alphabet Books

School: Normandy Park; teacher Ann Zettel. Creation of multilingual books will take place in the family literacy class. Photo books will be created so that young learners can see themselves in the books and parents can read the books to their children. The opportunity to feature the children from class, put into print words from all the languages spoken by the families and the opportunity to create a picture book that will provide some practice with beginning vocabulary words will create a unique alphabet book. This grant will defray the costs from Shutterfly to make soft cover photo alphabet books.


Future Ready Media Center Spaces

School: Central Middle School; teacher Abby Willemssen. This project is designed to enhance the learning experience of the students by providing them with an inspiring setting and expanding range of opportunities in the Media Center as White Bear Lake Area Schools transition to a system that ensures students are the primary agent in their learning. The request is to purchase flip top nesting tables, orange sled base stack chairs and overstuffed bean bag chairs.


Touchscreens for T+

School: Transition Education Center; teacher Jessie Prissel.

This request is for eight touchscreen Chromebooks. Transition Plus students with more complex and limiting disabilities have academic, interpersonal, physical and communication challenges. Being able to learn through touch screen technology will ensure students are able to design and create their own future and engage in interactive instruction. Currently, there is not a 1:1 initiative in the building and most of the computers are not touch-screen.


School Grounds Coffee Shop

School: White Bear Lake High School  ̶  South Campus; teacher Kelly Knutson.

School Grounds is a solution to a problem. Students defined that they do not have the ability to influence how their educational funding is invested in their learning. They are unable to pursue their passions and ideas in educational settings, and they cannot control the time, place, content or the process of their learning. The objectives of School Grounds are twofold: to leverage real-world experiences that develop the skills required for all students to build their future and to provide the means for students to create and fund their future learning experiences. Besides working with local architects, contractors and plumbers, students will design and run a coffee shop. The Brosious Grant will be used to fund appliances, a coffee grinder and a coffee brewer.


Document Cameras for Reading and Writing Workshops

School: Central Middle School; teachers Erin Tarnowski, Katie Nohr, Amber Rustand, Karin Hogen. Language Arts Teachers at Central are teaching the Reading and Writing Workshop curriculum from Columbia University. In order to demonstrate reading and writing strategies and to invite students to think alongside the teachers, document cameras are needed so that students can see the teacher working in their reading and writing notebook on the television screens. One of the primary purposes is to work with students in real-time rather than showing students a presentation. The utilization of document cameras will impact almost 1,000 students. This request is to purchase five document cameras.

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