Trail work underway for perimeter path around White Bear Lake

This soon-to-be section of Lake Links connects Briarwood to Quail via a covered bridge over Depot Creek. The bridge is expected to go up this fall.

Activity is afoot to advance segments of the Lake Links trail in Mahtomedi.

Land is being cleared to prepare the ground for new trail segments on easements provided to Lake Links by Thane and Blanche Hawkins. One segment will bring walkers and bikers from Echo Road in Dellwood to Dwinnell Road at the Mahtomedi/Dellwood line. Cross Dwinnell, and another beautiful wooded parcel provided by the Hawkins is also being prepped for the trail. Currently this latter segment in Mahtomedi will bring trail users back to Briarwood Road. It is unclear at this time if Lake Links will receive future easements to advance the trail in the old streetcar right-of-way.

Work is also underway to create a new trail segment across from the Mahtomedi District Education Center between Neptune and Maple. A formal crosswalk currently exists across Mahtomedi Road (Hwy. 244) connecting Neptune with the Streetcar Trail in front of the District Center. The Lake Links Trail will cross at Neptune, where there is better visibility than at Maple, and provide a safe, separated trail to access the quiet streets leading toward the lake and over to Birchwood.

Regarding a trail along South Shore Boulevard, Ramsey County’s request for proposals to hire a consultant to guide the discussion and create the alignment should be filled by Aug. 15. Once this is filled it is realistic, though the county has not set any dates, to expect a public open house showing possible alignments and corridor treatments in the fall of 2019. Expectations are that the South Shore segment construction will begin in the spring of 2020, which is the scheduled time frame for Birchwood Road between Mahtomedi and Birchwood.



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