Summerfest celebrates 10 years

St. Mary of the Lake’s Summerfest has turned into a community-wide event for food, drink and music. 

t. Mary of the Lake has raised about $100,000 over the last 10 years through its summer concert event, called Summerfest. 

The event began 10 years ago by the church's maintenance committee as a way to raise funds to restore the church, said committee chair Davin Brandt. Money has been used to fix the church's stained glass windows and roof. Energy-efficient lights were added to the church. Money has also been used for Frassati Catholic Academy; for example, security doors were added to prevent unwanted visitors from accessing the children. 

The concert continues to raise funds for ongoing maintenance needs at the church and school. “It's a really old building so there are constant needs,” Brandt noted. “We are a volunteer committee looking for what else we can do to keep this building standing.”

Over the years, the event has turned into more than a fundraiser. It's become a community-wide event. 

“It's not a church bake sale,” Brandt noted. 

The committee has started to see lots of faces it doesn't recognize at the concert. The last three years, Martin Zeller played at the event. “That was just a really fun thing to see people in the community enjoying some music and having some great food and drink,” Brandt noted. 

Also a sight to behold is when Father Talbot sings on stage, Brandt said. He's been gracing the stage the last several years. 

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