Sen. Roger Chamberlain provided an update last week on his requests to government agencies to investigate the “Water Gremlin situation.”

He sent requests to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), the Ramsey County Attorney, the Ramsey County Sheriff, the Legislative Auditor and Gov. Tim Walz.

Here are the responses the senator received:

• The BCA said it referred the issue to the federal Environmental Protection Agency, which has the authority to investigate. “The BCA offered its continued support in the matter, but I have not heard any additional details about a possible EPA investigation,” Chamberlain said.

• Legislative Auditor Jim Nobles spoke to WCCO about the issue and called Chamberlain personally. “He assured me that an audit of Water Gremlin and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is within their authority and he will do everything he can to get it on their agenda.”

Added Chamberlain, “I have not heard directly from Ramsey County Attorney John Choi or his office. Initially his office said that such an investigation would not be their responsibility, but they appear to have softened on that position and are reviewing the case along with others.”

The senator also met with Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Commissioner Laura Bishop. She assured him that the agency is conducting a formal review of their processes. She also advised they have been meeting with the Ramsey County Attorney.

Finally, Chamberlain said he received a call from Suzanne Sobotka, who works in Gov. Tim Walz’s office. “She expressed concern about the issue. I agreed. I told her, ‘You — the people I represent — are the ones who are most concerned, and we owe it to you to figure out what happened.’ I hope to meet with the governor soon about this.”

Next month Chamberlain plans to participate in a town hall hosted by Conservation Minnesota about the Water Gremlin issue. It will take place from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Oct. 26 at the Hanifl Performing Arts Center in White Bear Lake.

The senator promised to continue working on the issue until there is resolution and clear answers about what went wrong and how it will be fixed.


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