Folks along Otter Ridge Circle and Peterson Road can breathe a little easier now that road construction is done. The White Bear Township Board lowered the assessments on properties along those streets after receiving final costs from Larry Poppler, town engineer.

The numbers were presented at the board’s Oct. 4 meeting, which included public hearings on the two projects.

The cost to redo Otter Ridge Circle had been pegged at $156,500, with individual annual assessments of $7,500 per parcel, or $750 per year, spread out over 10 years with a 3.5% interest rate. 

Because the work on Otter Ridge was bid with work planned on Peterson Road, the township was able to realize cost savings of $56,253. Board member Steve Ruzek suggested passing some of the savings along to the residents. After consulting with Town Planner Tom Riedesell, they passed a motion to reduce the assessment to $5,000 per parcel payable over 10 years at a 3% interest.

It was the same story for Peterson Road residents, who were faced with a much bigger bill. Peterson Road was the last gravel road in White Bear Township. The project, which had been estimated at $1.1 million, included the installation of sewer and water as well as curb, gutters and pavement. Six homes were connected to the sanitary sewer. Homeowners along the road were looking at a $40,000 special assessment. 

Board Chair Ed Prudhon, who lives on Peterson Road, recused himself from the board’s discussion. 

With cost savings of more than $250,000 on the project and the opportunity to use some federal funds for sewer and water construction, Ruzek and Scott McCune felt the township could afford to ease some of the residents’ financial pain. After some calculations, they came up with $24,000 payable over 15 years at 3% interest.

The top layer of blacktop was expected to be applied to both streets Oct. 5, and two remaining power poles were to be removed. Power lines in the area are now underground.


Cynthia Sowden is a contributing writer for Press Publications. He/she can be reached at or 651-407-1200.

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