Dellwood resident and physician Dr. Rhiannon O’Connor saved a woman’s life at a Minneapolis theater Sunday evening, Nov. 14.

During intermission at the performance of “A Christmas Carol,” Dr. O’Connor overheard an usher calling on the radio for an ambulance to help a woman in distress.

Identifying herself as a physician, Dr. O’Connor assessed the woman and determined that she was slumped over in her seat, was not breathing, was not responsive, and was turning blue.  

Dr. O’Connor opened the guest’s airway and the woman slowly began to breathe. She kept the airway open for over 10 minutes while waiting for the paramedics to arrive and take her to the hospital. The woman began to revive under Dr. O’Connor’s care.

The woman survived, but it is unknown if she would have survived the lack of oxygen and asphyxiation if Dr. O’Connor had not intervened.  

“Dr. O’Connor saved a woman’s life that evening,” said her husband, Scott O'Connor, who is also a physician. “No one took her name that night, but she is a true hero.”


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Terri Dresen

Dr. O’Connor is indeed a hero, beyond the Guthrie! Do you know this woman has been traveling to Peru for years, part of a surgical team that provides lifesaving surgery to children with cleft pallet? She has a heart of gold and this community is lucky to have her.

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