Local percussionist Peter O'Gorman will perform at Lakeshore Players Theatre with the Flying Foot Forum Aug. 23.

Peter O’Gorman grew up in White Bear Lake. On Aug. 23, he performs in his hometown with Flying Foot Forum as it presents “French Twist” at Lakeshore Players Theatre.

O’Gorman began composing in high school; his compositions have been performed throughout the United States as well as in Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia and Cuba.

As the youngest of five, he was inspired by his oldest brother, who made a living as a guitar player. O'Gorman remembers taking his own private lessons at The Music Place in downtown White Bear Lake. He was active in music programs in White Bear Public Schools, even composing a piece that he took to a contest. The piece ended up being published by CL Barnhouse for use by students for competition. His family wasn’t exactly excited by the idea of young Peter pursuing a career in music at first, but when his first piece was published, they knew he had a special talent.

O’Gorman is inspired by interesting, unusual and unique sounds. For that reason, he creates new instruments in order to create the particular sound he is searching for. In college, he composed a piece called “Seven Objects,” which was written so a player could use whatever seven objects they thought suited the piece. You can listen to the piece, and others on O’Gorman’s website, http://www.peterogorman.com/music.

O’Gorman has a real passion for his field — there is no end in sight as to what he feels he can create. “Percussion is such a huge world, there’s just so much there, so much still to explore.” In his biography, O’Gorman said, “Looking forward, I plan to more deeply explore the relationship between improvisation and fixed compositional forms. My intention is to find new social and sonic environments in which I may develop new approaches to making music.”

O’Gorman first joined Joe Chvala in the early 2000s to collaborate on a theatrical-dance crossover performance. Chvala asked O’Gorman for a “kitchen piece” for the “French Twist” show, and O’Gorman delivered. You can hear the piece and catch the entire show played by O’Gorman at the Hanifl Performing Arts Center on Aug. 23 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased on the Lakeshore Players Theatre website, www.lakeshoreplayers.org.

“Come because it’s unique, audience friendly, and a whole lot of fun,” O’Gorman said.


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