With White Bear Lake schools about to embark on a school year of hybrid learning, recommendations for how to proceed were offered by Cynthia Mueller, principal of Otter Lake Elementary, at the request of White Bear Press.

“Set a schedule, a routine, for the kids,” Mueller began. “That will be helpful for kids to get back to a normal routine. When to go to bed, a wake-up time, a breakfast time.”

Using the hybrid model, she said, you should organize a “physical space” at home where your student can “focus on schoolwork, have a place to write and read, and keep the computer.”

It’s important also to be flexible and patient in doing “self-care” things.

“Make time for school work, but also make time for things that bring them joy outside of school. Set up times to talk to your child about what they’d like to share about their school day, and to encourage them, and not necessarily to solve all their problems but be there to listen — listen to what they are excited about, or nervous about, to understand what they’re feeling.”

And stay connected to your child’s teacher.

“As we always say, we are all in this together,” Mueller said. “You should know that the school has lots of resources for you, so stay connected to teachers, and reach out to them to help you find the resources you need.”

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