Soon, the Lake Links trail will have its own covered bridge.

Two crews from Goliath Tech installed the helical pile support system last week for the bridge over Depot Creek in Mahtomedi. Goliath is part of a blend of people and companies who are donating time and materials to the project.

Mahtomedi City Engineer John Sachi joined Lake Links’ Co-chair Steve Wolgamot Oct. 14 to meet the crews and take measurements for the installation.

According to Mike Brooks, the Ramsey County co-chair on the Lake Links project, the Goliath Tech approach is minimally invasive and cost-effective. “They worked in close proximity to the creek with no concrete waste or need to get heavy equipment on the site. The elegance of Goliath Tech is their use of a small backhoe with a specialized attachment to screw the pile into place, moving as much dirt as a large gopher would. Well, a somewhat prehistoric-sized gopher … but still a rodent-sized intrusion into the ground.”

Alignment is handled with lasers and by hand; a person guides the operator from the point where the pile is being driven into the ground, Brooks added. “We cannot thank Goliath Tech enough and urge you to consider their services if you or a neighbor has a project that requires in-ground supports.”

The wooden covered bridge spans the creek at Streetcar Park, connecting Briarwood Avenue, Tamarack Street and the Streetcar Trail. Principal sponsors of the project are Dan and Karen Runze of Mahtomedi, in memory of their son Griffin. Other local donors include Larson Engineering for structural approvals; Sharkey Design Build for the erection; White Bear Boatworks for cable railings; Trussbilt LLC for stainless steel components and Goliath Tech for the steel footings. 


Debra Neutkens

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