A crew from local custom home builder Sharkey Design Build, along with volunteer help, erected a covered wooden bridge that will carry the Lake Links Trail across Depot Creek in Mahtomedi’s Streetcar Park. The structural elements of the bridge were assembled by volunteers in the Camp White Bear neighborhood in the north end of Mahtomedi and moved a few hundred yards for construction. The bridge is meant to honor the history of the area where the Mahtomedi Assembly was formed in 1883 and where Mahtomedi’s first settlers built homes and stores. 

The bridge project, all privately funded, reflects the strong local support for the Lake Links effort. Local companies assisting included Larson Engineering, Goliath Tech MN, Trussbilt Inc., White Bear Lift and Dock, and Sharkey. Principal donors were Dan and Karen Runze of Mahtomedi. More than 18 volunteers helped out, including Steve Wolgamot, Mike Brooks, Paul Hoff and Ian Harding of the Lake Links board; Jim Flink, Bryan Gatzlaff, John Thompson, Penny and Kieran Viggiano and Dane Solberg from Mahtomedi; Mark Stehly from White Bear Lake; Lucas and Eric Granec, and Mike, Megan and Kaili Malvey, all from Birchwood.

The bridge will be finished with bollards, riprap and landscaping in the spring with a dedication to be held in warmer weather. “We are especially pleased to have this very visible element of the trail in place,” commented Steve Wolgamot, Washington County Lake Links chair.  “It demonstrates very publicly the high level of community and individual support that the Lake Links project continues to enjoy. This small park with its lovely creek, where the railroad and the streetcar met, will be a popular spot along the trail.”

Added Wolgamot, “Obviously, we need state funding to complete the trail, but all the individual contributions and enthusiasm are what generate support at the legislature.”

Streetcar Park is located just north of Quail Street in Mahtomedi between Briarwood Avenue and Tamarack Street. 



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