WHITE BEAR LAKE — The lake continues a slow recovery from its lowest point four years ago.

The guy responsible for monitoring lake level for the White Bear Lake Conservation District (WBLCD) reported an elevation of 923.04 feet at the board's April 18 meeting. 

“The machine that reads the lake level is fixed,” noted Mike Parenteau, the city's representative on the 10-person board. “We broke the 923-foot barrier.” 

The lake homeowner added that the level is 4 feet above the all-time low set in 2013 and 13 inches above last year's reading at this time. 

The water is still cold, however. The temperature last week was 52 degrees, compared to 53 degrees last year. 

White Bear Township board member Diane Longville thanked Parenteau for braving the cold water and placing the shallow water buoys just north of the Ramsey County boat launch, the Ordway rock bar, point of the island, Bellaire point rock bar and a rocky area in Schneider's Bay.


Other business conducted at the monthly meeting included the following: 

• A plea from Larry Mahoney of Birchwood to enforce the board's dock placement order. Mahoney and his wife Susan, a WBLCD director, have had an ongoing dispute with the Harrod family over dock placement. 

The order stated the Harrods were to place their dock in the middle of their property. Mahoney said they had not followed that order and claimed a discrepancy in their lot width, which Mahoney said is 43 feet according to county tax records. He told the board the Harrods claim 36.5 feet. He filed a complaint with the WBLCD, which governs dock placement. He is asking for the board to enforce the order.

• Agreed to commit up to $3,000 for watercraft inspectors. The DNR will match the amount. Inspections are a way to keep invasive species from entering and leaving the lake. The money was not in the budget, but eight board members voted for the expenditure; two did not. 

• Heard that Parenteau has stepped up to chair the new Commercial Bay Task Group. He is looking for committee volunteers. 

• Heard that the Lake Level Resolution Committee plans to reconvene after a long hiatus. Committee chair Pat McCann of Dellwood told the board some topics have been identified for a future meeting; one that is particularly relevant is phosphorus loading, he said. 

• Accepted a bid to spend $3,100 for a Eurasian watermilfoil survey by aquatic scientist Steve McComas. The board had budgeted $3,200. 

• Agreed to spend $4,920 on law enforcement for the lake. 

Ramsey County water patrol is charging $41 per hour and will spend 120 hours enforcing speed limits, boating while intoxicated and “obnoxious behavior.” Lake etiquette rules will also be posted at spots around the lake. 

• Heard a treasurer's report from Longville. She reported a balance of $142,000 in the WBLCD checking account.

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