3 Eagles take flight in good company

Henry Contreras, Tony Perfetti, Trayton Pescosolido, Brandon Goetz and Aidan Herrera at Tomahawk Scout Reservation

It has been a long journey from Cub Scout to Eagle Scout, but it’s a road that White Bear seniors Henry Contreras, Trayton Pescosolido and Tony Perfetti have always walked together. The three Scouts recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout — all on the same day. 

From their pack of Cub Scouts in kindergarten, six Scouts remain in Troop 439. One of their peers has already earned his Eagle Scout rank, and the other two expect to achieve the rank by this summer.

Contreras, Pescosolido and Perfetti all received their rank on March 29 after a lot of hard work on projects that benefit Matoska International, their former elementary school. The three Scouts worked with their former teacher Ben Butters and Matoska principal John Leininger to design their projects. They were coached through the process by Henry’s mother, Amy Contreras.  

Eagle Scout is the highest rank achievable within Boy Scouts. The Eagle Project is an important part of achieving the rank and is usually designed to benefit the local community outside of the Boy Scouts of America. 

For his project, Perfetti created a new playground feature in the shape of a large hollow log. The structure, designed for students who may have special sensory needs, provides a quiet place to hang out. The structure is located in the sensory garden area of the playground.

Contreras installed an outdoor life-sized chessboard and blacktop markers. 

“I feel that being outside and working on your physical health is very important, but I also feel that the mental aspect and sharpening your mind are important, which is where my chess idea came from,” Contreras said. 

Pescosolido built an outdoor stage for elementary schoolers to hold their own performances after consulting with Butters about what students might like to see on the playground.

“He said students nowadays like to act out movies, plays, etc. and it wouldn't be a bad idea to build a space where they can do that,” Pescosolido said. “So, I came up with a stage by the playground that can be used to play on as well as for teachers to take their students outside. I loved recess and I miss it to this day, so I am happy I built something that children can enjoy for years to come.”

All three Scouts reflected on how meaningful it was to have attained this rank in the company of their lifelong companions.

“I am happy that we stuck around as long as we did and followed the journey through to the end. Without this group of friends, I know I wouldn't have stayed in Scouts as long as I did. I could rely on these people for support and having a good time,” Pescosolido said. 

“It is a great feeling to earn the rank of Eagle on the same day as some of the people with who I began my Scouting journey,” Perfetti said. “I have spent over a decade with these guys earning countless badges, camping night after night, and making unforgettable memories. To earn the final badge on the same day, to me, was like a triumphant end to a wonderful journey.”

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