Willow Lane students take over Donatelli’s

Willow Lane Elementary School students interviewed customers who came during the fifth grade Donatelli’s take-over on February 11.

We interviewed customers who came during the fifth grade Donatelli’s take-over on February 11. Guests included Roger Chamberlain (a member of Minnesota Senate), Chris Streiff-Oji (the principal of Willow Lane Elementary), Anne White and Kent White (parents of Zach White), Sandy Peters, Jenn Grace and Debb Hibbard (the third grade teachers at Willow Lane Elementary). 

Sen. Chamberlain said, “It’s a great experience for the fifth graders, and is a great learning experience for the kids.” He also said it’s important and fun, but sometimes a lot of work. “My server was fast with my water and food, and I would rate this a 10 out of 10 because it’s a great project.” Mr. Chamberlain said.

Chris Streiff-Oji, principal of Willow Lane Elementary, said, “It’s an amazing, wonderful leadership opportunity. Marquis, our server, was excellent even though this was his first party of 17.” She rated it a 15 out of 10 because she loved the opportunity the fifth graders got.

Anne and Kent White said, “We love it because it’s an awesome experience for kids to think about working and it’s so great that they are helping HopeKids! It’s wonderful because I feel like some of the kids have met Zach.” We asked if they are still in touch with HopeKids, and they said “Yes. We just sponsored a HopeKids movie and gave tickets away.”

They said they do a movie every month, especially in December, which is Zach’s birthday month. “The movies are very nice for the kids. We have been doing a Star Wars theme because those movies were Zach’s favorite.” We also asked them how they would rate their experience, and they said it was a 10 out of 10 because the food is great, Willow Lane is great, and it’s so amazing that the tips go to HopeKids!

Sandy Peters, Jenna Grace and Debb Hibbard said “It’s so awesome, and we are so proud of the fifth graders. Our server Jaylen has great jokes!”           

The writers are fifth grade student newspaper reporters from Willow Lane Elementary.

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