SOS Office Furniture will open in Vadnais Heights this June

A rendering of the finished exterior of SOS Office Furniture, which will open on Labore Road this June

COVID-19 drastically changed the typical office environment. Businesses such as SOS Office Furniture, which will move to Vadnais Heights this June, had to quickly figure out how to serve the new needs of a work-at-home culture.

Large orders from office workplaces shifted to smaller orders for home offices. Task chairs and standing desks became increasingly popular for smaller home workspaces. SOS Office Furniture also supplied safety equipment, such as transparent partitions, for in-person business.

“We just had to adapt,” said Dave Dobbelmann, owner of SOS Office Furniture. “So many people get sick of sitting at their kitchen table. We’re still seeing a lot of that business today.”

SOS Office Furniture has been in the same location on University Avenue in St. Paul since it first opened in 1976. Although the business has built a long history there, it has grown over the years, expanding to a warehouse storage location and requiring transport of furniture up and down multiple floors.

The new location in Vadnais Heights will allow the business to nearly double its space, with 40,000 square feet. This updated facility means that the business can operate more efficiently, with all stock in one location on one floor. 

In addition to offering the latest trends and styles in office furniture, SOS also sells gently used office furniture. The staff of SOS attends to every part of the process, from assessing and designing the workspace to delivery and installation. Dobbelmann said that staff want to make sure the furniture is the right fit for the customer and are open to help even after the sale is completed.

“If there’s an issue, problem, something they don’t like, we like to get that taken care of right away,” Dobbelmann said.

SOS Office Furniture will open in early to mid-June at 3391 Labore Road. 

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