Matt Percy

Congratulations to Tony Cavegn! He will make a fine council member.

It would be a shame if the amendment fails. Rebuilding city streets is a basic government function and the Lino Lakes charter as currently written is a big obstacle to getting that work done.

Henderson said. “I said if anyone did that to me I would knock the gun away and kick that person’s a**.”

I'm starting to like this guy more and more!

Boy, do I miss having Paul Gardner in the Legislature. He is a classic example of why good people no longer serve in St. Paul. They either get sick of the snake pit politics and quit or else they are destroyed by the money and lies of their win-at-all-costs opponents.

Good luck in yo…

QuadBooster commented on 3 challenge Bennett for commissioner

Blake Huffman and Frank Mabley would both make excellent county commissioners. I hope they are the two who make it through the primary on August 14.

Great story! Very encouraging to see their involvement in the Rotary Club.

Sheesh, Lino Laker, lighten up!

You had a valid point and ruined it by being a complete jackass. Lousy comments like yours are why others can get away with calling us "gun nuts".

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Paul, this is a great column! I have a cell phone which I often "forget" when I go somewhere. People need to wake up and realize they don't need to be in constant contact with everyone else. Focus on this moment and that person in front of you. They are so much more important t…

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Great job Steve! Nordic skiing is the most physically demanding of all the sports. To excel at it is a true achievement.

This is so sad. I loved stopping in at Mr. Tai's to get my fix. It had a strong neighborhood joint vibe and I always saw people I knew there.

Good luck to Mr. Tim in his next venture.