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Thanks Gene. I remember the good old days on Floral Drive when the City/County Spray Trucks would come down our street, sporting rather large spray equipment off the back. The truck would slowly meander down our pastoral boulevard, unleashing a large, deadly cloud of DDT in an effort at m…

She will be mist.

It’s sad, but reality often can be. Bald Eagle Lake residents have been drinking downstream of White Bear for so long now that the genetic damage to those having consumed this polluted water over lo these many generations is baked-in, if you pardon the term. At this late date, any attempt …

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My apologies. The auto-correct changed a word which may have led to confusion. The beach was known as Gardnette Park Beach and was, in the summer time, a dismal, weed-infested swimming hole oozing with foot-sucking muck.

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I remember the Old Days when we would trudge out barefoot onto the rotting White Bear ice at Garnett’s Park beach until we saw a floe big enough to support our weight. Once there, we’d park-it on the floe, pull out a Nut Goodie or a Three Musketeers and wait for the ice to melt sufficiently…

Benny, the Barber, or simply Benny’s, was a fixture, a gentleman and a great influence on a young boy. Benny, along with Don and Gunnar, formed a trio one will never forget.