Gypsy moth treatment

A 633 area in the southwest corner of the city approximately from Highway 36 on the south to 75th Street North on the north, and Manning Avenue on the west to Stillwater Boulevard and Olive Street West on the east.

On Thursday, May 30, The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is planning to treat a portion of the city of Stillwater to eradicate a gypsy moth infestation. This treatment will start as early as 5:15 a.m. and could take up to three hours to complete. This is dependent on weather conditions at the time.

Residents may be awakened on Thursday by the noise of the low-flying airplane which will be traveling up to a half mile outside the treatment area as it navigates through the gypsy moth infestation site. The MDA apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the noise of the plane.

This is the second of two aerial applications of Foray/Bacillus thuringiensisvar kurstaki (Btk) over the area. The treatment product has no known health effects for humans, pets, birds, fish, livestock, bees, and other non-caterpillar insects. However, residents may wish to stay indoors during the treatment and keep windows closed for a half hour after application. Residents can cover gardens or turn on sprinklers during the treatment if they wish. Any residue, which does not cause damage to outdoor items, can be removed soapy water.

The MDA has set up an Arrest the Pest Info Line at 1-888-545-MOTH (6684) with the latest details about treatment dates and times. On the morning of the treatment, you can call the phone number with any questions you may have. Simply press 0 (zero) to speak to someone. The MDA's website also has information about gypsy moths and control efforts.

Email updates will be provided Thursday morning before and after the treatment.

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