About Press Publications

Press Publications is a family owned group of weekly newspapers located in the Northeast suburbs of the metropolitan area of Minneapolis/St. Paul. They are distributed by junior carriers, motor routes and the USPS with a high penetration of the marketplace. Verified Audit Circulation conducts a semi-annual audit.

The news is intensely local, people-focused with an emphasis on schools, government, sports and community events. Websites are available for each newspaper with daily updates, community events calendar, public notice information, classified and on-line display advertising.

The family in addition owns a web printing facility, distribution system and a group of newspapers and shoppers in east-central Minnesota and western Wisconsin.


Press Publications

4779 Bloom Avenue

White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Phone: 651-407-1200

Classifieds: 651-407-1250 or classified@presspubs.com

Display Advertising: 651-407-1200 or marketing@presspubs.com

News: 651-407-1200 or news@presspubs.com

Circulation: 651-407-1200 or ppcirc@presspubs.com

Web Advertising: Contact us at 651-407-1200 or at marketing@presspubs.com

Management Staff

Carter C. Johnson
Email: ppinfo@presspubs.com
Publisher Emeritus
Gene D. Johnson
Publisher 1970-2010
Phone: 651-407-1200
Matt McMillan
Phone: 651-407-1213
Email: matt@presspubs.com
Lead Editor
Shannon Granholm
Phone: 651-407-1227
Advertising Manager
Patty Steele
Phone: 651-407-1208
Production Manager
Zac Hoppe
Phone: 651-407-1239
Circulation Department
Phone: 651-407-1234
Phone: 651-407-1221

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