Shoreview ace, 15, snags nationals title in pool

Kennedy Meyman is touring the country for big tournaments and won the most important one in Las Vegas.

Pool is the family sport in the Meyman household in Shoreview, and their only child has taken it and run with it.

Kennedy Meyman, 15, recently won national competitions in back-to-be weeks — the nine-ball 16U title in the Billiard Educational Foundation Junior National Championship in Las Vegas on July 27-30, and the eight-ball 15U title VNEA Junior Pool Championships in Erie, PA, on July 21-25.

“The one in Las Vegas is the biggest one,” said Meyman. The BEF is a national championship event, in which she placed third in 2018 in New Orleans and second in 2019 in Las Vegas, both while competing in 14U. “And now first,” she said. There was no 2020 tournament.

Meyman is ranked No. 2 in the country for 18U in the Junior International Championship tour after seven tournaments. She won one in Virginia and placed third in Illinois. Next is an event in Ohio, Aug. 27-29.

“We are doing a tour of the country,” said Kelly Meyman, her mother, cheerfully.

Kelly said she and husband Robert have always played a lot of pool and Kennedy joined in when she was about 11. Kennedy attended a private school until the past year when she started home-schooling to accommodate all the traveling, Kelly said.

It’s a fun way to spend high school years, Kennedy acknowledged.

“The competition is super fun, and I get to travel and see the country, and meet people from all over.”

Kennedy’s home base is TNT Billiards in Little Canada, which is one of her six sponsors. (There’s no prize money.) Kennedy also plays in a league at Shooters Billiards in Burnsville.

Asked what it takes to be a pool ace, she said, “Spending a lot of time playing, and focus, and discipline.”

Bruce Strand is a sports contributing writer for Press Publications. He can be reached at or 651-407-1200.

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