Izabel Gorowski grew up on a lake and took full advantage, ice skating with her parents since  kindergarten.  Her dad was a hockey player for White Bear Mariner, but Izzi always preferred another kind of skating, the pretty kind.

Her countless hours practicing on Coon Lake were well spent, leading to a figure skating career that recently landed her with Disney on Ice.

“I just accepted a professional contract to tour with the newest production of Disney On Ice,” the 18-year-old Mounds View senior reported on April 22.  “I am excited to fulfill my dream, traveling and performing with Disney.”

Not a bad first job out of high school. With Disney, she will skate in a major city East Coast tour from July 2019 through May 2020, with the second leg next summer in Mexico. 

“My goals are to continue to evolve into a versatile performer and share my passion for skating to audiences across the country.”

Gorowski  is a member of White Bear Lake Figure Skating Club, while also representing the Parade Figure Skating Club/Starlight Ice Dance Club in Minneapolis.

As a competitor, Gorowski’s highlights include capturing the four-event championship — Dramatic, Artistic, Interpretive and Theme Spotlight — at the 2016 ISI world meet in Blaine, and  the Grand Champion and “Most Innovative” titles at the ProSkaters Open Live event in 2018 in Sun Valley, Idaho.  She also won the National Showcase Championship, Mini Ensemble, in San Diego, California, in 2012.

Asked about signature moves, she said her favorite is one called hydroblade. 

“You are balancing on one blade on a deep inside edge,” she explains, “while your body is fully extended almost touching the ice.” 

Another of her favorites is “a spiral, circling the whole rink.”

Gorowski competes four or five times a year, locally and nationally, while performing about four times a year in ice shows as a member or guest skater. 

The past two years, she’s been featured guest skater in the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy Holiday Ice Show in Nashville, Tennessee. Closer to home, she was the Willmar Diamond Edge Figure Skating Club’s guest skater in 2017, and this year they asked her back for their  “Broadway On Ice” show March 2.

Gorowski is the only child of John and Elizabeth Gorowski of East Bethel. The three of them maintain her personal rink just outside their front door. “I feel very fortunate to grow up on a lake,” said Gorowski.

This is a young athlete who fully takes charge of her own performance.

“I choreograph all of my own programs, and I thoroughly enjoy the creative process. I select and cut my music, create a concept, design a costume, and choreograph a program,” said Gorowski, who also works with American Ice Theatre, traveling, teaching and participating in seminars all over the country.

Along with skating, she takes modern dance classes and enjoys skiing, both on water and downhill. She holds a 3.95 GPA and has been accepted at Loyola Marymount University in California, but will delay starting college until after the tour

For a good look at Gorowski’s figure skating, you can check out a You Tube video of her skating on the lake. Go to youtube.com/watch?v=f3n_HRddxlY&t=12s

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