The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:

North Oaks 

• A pricey Cartier Tank Divan watch was reported missing July 7 in the first block of Skillman Lane. The owner said she actually had not worn the timepiece for about a month. The watch was valued at $3,500.  

• A thief drove away with an enclosed trailer from the driveway in the first block of Rapp Farm Boulevard the night of July 9. All that was in the trailer was a $900 chair.

• A deputy checked the welfare of a man asleep behind the wheel the afternoon of July 12 in the parking lot of Village Center Drive. The 29-year-old, out of Fargo, tested 0.16 percent BAC, twice the legal limit.  He was checked into the Ramsey County Jail on a gross misdemeanor DWI charge.


• A law enforcement officer caught a wrong-way driver just before midnight July 1 after spotting the Columbia Heights man in a 2016 Mazda going east in the westbound lanes of Highway 96. The 26-year-old was booked into jail on a third-degree blood-alcohol test refusal charge.

• Thieves used a stolen Target debit card to rack up $1,100 in charges spread between four area stores to try and throw off suspicion. That didn’t work and the law is hot on the trail of the videotaped thieves who began in Shoreview June 28 and concluded, so far, at the Target in Marine-on-the-St. Croix.

• When the customer at Kowalski’s was writing a check for the $750 worth of groceries consisting of mostly seafood July 3, the clerk called the manager, who agreed that despite the driver’s license and other ID provided, “things just didn’t look right.” The three ladies, surprisingly polite about the declined transaction, went on their way, leaving the $750 check behind. 

• When deputies spotted the pair of teens staggering and apparently impaired the evening of July 3 at Gramsie Road and Mackubin Street, they wrote them up, took them home and released the 18-year-olds to their parents.

• A Woodcrest Avenue caller alerted county animal control the morning of July 3 to a city opossum, or one that practices traffic awareness by repeatedly turning its head to the left and to the right. The dispatcher thanked the resident for calling.

• Two men arrived at the Best Western Plus hotel parking lot July 5 but never went inside. The Shoreview pair, found by patrolling deputies draped over the front seats, were arrested on narcotics-related felony charges and booked into jail. An investigation is underway.

• Burglars broke into a carpet business over the weekend of July 6 in the 600 block of County Road E making off with a safe containing cash and gift cards. Details of the safe’s contents were not released. 

• A vehicle stolen out of Circle Pines the evening of July 8 was spotted by a Falcon Heights deputy at Lexington and Hamline avenues and the chase was on. The driver, wanted on a felony warrant and exhibiting poor driving skills, flipped a pursuing deputy the bird before rear-ending a vehicle with the stolen 2014 Nissan Pathfinder and sideswiping another. The 31-year-old St. Paul driver was finally brought to a stop in Hastings and brought to Regions Hospital with serious injuries.

• A heavily intoxicated 49-year-old man carrying a medical bag while staggering along Hodgson Road July 10 was mis-identified as an escaped mental patient and brought to county detox by deputies. 

• A sharp-eyed deputy spotted license tabs that did not match the plates they were on a vehicle July 10 at Carmen and Vivian avenues. The 30-year-old woman with no permanent address, who was driving the vehicle, was arrested for no driver’s license, no proof of insurance and expired vehicle registration. The vehicle was impounded.

• A Cushman utility vehicle, priced at $4,800 when new the owner reported, went missing July 10 in the 4400 block of Harbor Place Drive. No suspects.

• A 19-year-old Mounds View woman was nabbed for shoplifting July 11 at Target in the 3800 block of Lexington Avenue. She was cited and released.

• His gas tank was as low as his wallet so it was time for a fill and flee. The drive-off amounted to $22.25 at the station in the 5900 block of Rice Creek Parkway on July 12. 

• A shoplifter was collared outside the Shoreview Target store July 16 with  a baby monitor he had not paid for. The 33-year-old New Brighton man had wrapped the $300 monitor in foil to defeat security. That didn’t work and he was booked into jail on a felony theft charge. 


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