The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:


North Oaks

• There is no fishing allowed in Charley Lake. A pair of teen males, an 18-year-old from Maplewood and a 19-year-old from St. Paul, who were fishing in Charley Lake the evening of Aug. 24 were cited for trespassing.

• She had no money and her gas tank was nearly empty, so it was time for a fill and flee. But during her getaway, the 34-year-old St.Paul woman was stopped for displaying license tabs issued to another vehicle at County J and Hodgson roads Aug. 25 and the $37 theft came to light. She was cited for both offenses and released.

• A deputy on patrol saw a bicyclist with no headlamp in the 4600 block of Hodgson Road in the wee hours of Aug. 29 and pulled him over. The man, however, got off the bike and took off on a dead run. County property clerks are holding the bike for the man when he returns to face a misdemeanor charge of “fleeing police on foot.”

• An enclosed trailer filled with construction tools and supplies went missing over the weekend of Sept. 2 from a residential construction site on Rapp Farm Boulevard. The loss was estimated at $24,000. No suspects.



• Catching up on old times on Dennison Avenue with his visiting twin sister, the 64-year-old homeowner called it a night Aug. 23 after forgetting to lock the patio door. When he awoke the next morning, a laptop computer, a tablet, two cell phones and his sister’s purse containing credit cards and $240 in cash, were gone.

• It takes at least three agile individuals to capture a goose, a deputy wrote in his report Aug. 25. The reason for capturing this particular goose was that the bird had some netting wound around its beak. Careful observation revealed the Lexington Avenue goose was able to both eat and drink, so a decision was made to not spend the resources and just let the goose be.

• Unlocked cars in the garage and the driveway on Westview Drive were ransacked and property valued at nearly $15,000 went missing Aug. 25. Items included a Snap-On scanning tool, valued at $14,000, an iPod, ear buds and RayBan sunglasses, to name just a few.

• Deputies were called to a burglary in progress on Reiland Lane in the pre-dawn hours of Aug. 25 after a female homeowner entered her kitchen to see an intruder looking through a drawer. She screamed and he left through the service door to the garage, which was apparently how he got in. Property other than credit cards and the victim’s driver’s license was recovered in yards nearby.

• A vehicle window was broken and a Louis Vuitton backpack along with an iPhone went missing Aug. 25 in the 4400 block of Snail Lake Boulevard. The property was valued at a total of $3,400.

• A deputy was flagged down by a man preparing for a pre-dawn run at 5 a.m. Aug. 25 who saw a prowler with a flashlight going through an unlocked vehicle on Harbor Lane. Interrupted, the thief left empty-handed.

• A Ruger semi-automatic .22 caliber pistol with a laser sight, valued at $450, was reported stolen from a vehicle parked overnight on Robin Oak Court Aug. 26 by its 62-year-old male owner, who discovered a broken window in the morning.

• A vehicle hit a pole at Hodgson Road and Elaine Avenue the afternoon of Aug. 29, knocking out traffic signal lights in parts of Arden Hills, Lino Lakes, North Oaks and Shoreview. The driver, a 51-year-old man, told deputies his vehicle had “steering problems.” He was booked into jail, then released, and an investigation continues.

• A tattooed prowler, doing little to hide his identity, was spotted at first light Aug. 30 peering in windows and running through yards on Lake Cove Court. The 27-year-old Oakdale man, who has 10 criminal convictions, was wearing a Timberwolves T-shirt when he was stopped from leaving the area in his vehicle and arrested on charges of felony possession of stolen property, including laptop computers, burglary tools and items identified from several recent burglaries in the area.

• An open, homemade “landscape-style” trailer was taken from the yard of a residence in the 300 block of Bridge Street the morning of Aug. 31, according to its 51-year-old owner.

• An open trailer disappeared overnight the weekend of Sept. 1 from a parking lot in the 500 block of Harriet Avenue. A 20-year-old female friend of the owner who was storing the trailer at her place could offer no information other than the trailer was “flat and black.”

• A 23-year-old woman was stopped on Bluestem Lane in the wee hours of Sept. 3 for driving with a revoked license. Her passenger, a 34-year-old Shoreview man, was taken into custody on an Anoka County warrant for his arrest for an unresolved DWI matter. He was booked into jail and the driver, a 23-year-old St. Paul woman, was cited and given a ride home by Mounds View Police.

• They came to the 4300 block of Hodgson Road Sept. 4 looking for money and things deteriorated from there. The couple fled the scene after a 51-year-old man, who was no ballplayer, brandished a bat and told them to hit the road. Deputies, called by people in the home, quickly caught up to the pair and arrested them. A 38-year-old woman — wanted on two drug-related warrants, one from Dakota County and one from Ramsey — was charged with possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct. The driver, a 51-year-old man and ex-husband of the homeowner, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia (syringes), driving after revocation, disorderly conduct, no insurance and false information to police. Both were booked into the Ramsey County Jail.

• A 26-year-old local woman was pronounced dead after an emergency trip to Regions Hospital the night of Sept. 5. The woman’s 22-year-old boyfriend had called 911 from the victim’s apartment in the 3400 block of Kent Street after suspecting a heroin overdose.

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