The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:

Arden Hills

• A Samsung Galaxy 5 smart phone was stolen from an employee’s unlocked vehicle in the parking lot of a Domino’s Pizza franchise in the 3500 block of Lexington Avenue around 10 p.m. on the Fourth of July. The phone was valued at $350.

• A girl reported her iPhone stolen during a basketball camp at Bethel University on June 30. The phone trail was traced to the 900 block of Sherwood Road before the trail went cold.

• A 29-year-old man, giving his checking account the monthly once-over, found two charges he did not recognize: at a restaurant and at a hardware store.

• Residents in the 3100 block of Hamline Avenue hearing noises in their driveway the evening of July 12 went outside to find a driver screaming and crying. The out-of-sorts woman told them she was there to help someone out but was confused. Arriving deputies found a 64-year-old Mahtomedi resident who tested 0.15 percent blood alcohol on the Datamaster and took her to the Ramsey County Jail on a DWI charge. Her vehicle was impounded for forfeiture.

• A man walked into the TCF Bank branch on Lexington Avenue in Arden Hills the morning of July 12, presented the teller with a note implying he had a gun, and walked out with cash, which was baited with a dye pack. Witnesses saw the red cloud from the exploding dye pack, a vehicle leaving the scene and called 911. Vehicle information provided by the witness led to the arrest of a 34-year-old man at his North St. Paul residence within 36 hours of the robbery.


North Oaks

• A package was delivered to the front steps of a residence June 30  or July 1 on Capaul Woods Court. A thief picked it up.

• A 72-year-old female resident of the city was released from a hospital on June 17 and died four days later. Charges on the late woman’s credit card were made on 6-17, 6-21 and 7-5. An investigation continues.

• Deputies caught up to a vehicle suspected of shoplifting involvement following a phone call on the Fourth of July. The driver, 24, out of St. Paul, was arrested for driving after license suspension. A passenger, a 41-year-old Little Canada man, was arrested for theft of $20 worth of baby formula from the Walgreen’s store on Village Center Drive. The older man was booked into the Ramsey County Jail based on his criminal history.

• A girl vacuuming the backseat of a vehicle  at 3 a.m. on the Fourth of July at a self-service car wash behind a gas station at Centerville Road and County Road J aroused the suspicion of a passing deputy. The 17-year-old girl and a 20-year-old male along with an 18-year-old female face pending charges of possession of a grinder, baggie containing crystals, syringes and a pipe. The adults were released pending identification of the crystals, and the juvenile girl was released to family. All three denied being the one behind the wheel.

• A 34-year-old White Bear Lake man was arrested for trespassing July 5 at Pleasant Lake Road and Highway 96. A nine-foot fishing pole gave the man away. Fishing is not allowed on Pleasant Lake.

• A 1976 vintage 17-foot Grumman square stern canoe went missing from the Pleasant Lake boat rack sometime during the past six months. The craft was valued at $1,700 according to the 67-year-old owner. 

• A 20-year-old Lost Rock Lane resident found burn marks and other damages July 10 to their mailbox. Fireworks are suspected. 



• A slumper found in a Target store parking lot before midnight on June 30 turned out to be a 24-year-old St. Paul man who was taken to a local hospital for a blood draw. He was jailed on a pending charge of third-degree DWI. 

• A scam artist pulled off a wire transfer fraud July 1 by faking a letterhead forgery of an attorney and using it to successfully withdraw $25,000. The artist tried it again for $30,000 and this time not only didn’t it work but the law is hot on his trail. The investigation continues.

• A tubing accident on Turtle Lake put a 17-year-old St. Paul girl in the hospital the afternoon of July 2 with head injuries. Allina and the Lake Johanna Fire Department were quickly on the scene. No other information was released about the the victim who was admitted  for evaluation.

• A three-way fight on Pondview Court sent one person to jail the evening of July 3. A 38-year-old female was cited for domestic abuse, violating a “no-contact” order and disorderly conduct. Her boyfriend, 31, was arrested for gross-misdemeanor theft for stealing  an iPhone 6 belonging to a 23-year-old Vadnais Heights man, who, when all was said and done, got his phone back. 

• A victim wondered why he received a “welcome“ letter from Charles Schwab July 6 since he hadn’t opened an account there — until he noticed withdrawals from his Wells Fargo account being deposited at Schwab. The fraud is being investigated. 

• A bank called a debit card holder July 6, curious about two charges at different WalMart stores and an unsuccessful attempt at a third, using the “self-checkout feature.” The card holder was the  victim of a fraud and his loss was refunded.

• A deputy answering an alarm at a Hodgson Road gas station just after midnight July 11 was passed by a speeding van. He caught up to the van and found he was dealing with a driver who was wanted on a pair of misdemeanor warrants for driving after license suspension and failure to appear in court.  The man was arrested for driving after license suspension again and jailed on the warrants.

• Two “locked“ vehicles were gone through overnight July 10— one in the garage and one in the driveway— of a residence on the 4440 block of Harbor Place Drive. The only thing missing, and it was from the driveway vehicle, was a $1 Susan B. Anthony coin.

• A 13-year-old boy playing basketball July 6 at the Shoreview Community Center had his backpack rifled and his Apple iPhone 6, valued at $850, taken. Two black males were seen on security video going through players’ backpacks. 

• A employee thought just stealing a little bit at a time might go unnoticed — it didn’t and the 56-year-old Vadnais Heights woman  was cited for theft after shorting a register at Target on eight occasions, adding up to $60. 

• A man who told deputies “Lock me up, I’m violent” was arrested at his stepdad’s place in North St. Paul the morning of July 12. In addition to making threatening comments to his stepdad, the 34-year-old was wanted on two alcohol-related warrants for his arrest.

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