The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:


North Oaks

• It was all in a night’s work for egg-tossing vandals who targeted four houses on Lake Court, West Lake Drive and Malcomb Lane late on May 31. No suspects.



• A 63-year-old woman driving on three tires and a rim was pulled over the morning of May 31 at Lexington Avenue and County Road E. The “confused-appearing” woman, who said she had “mental health issues,” was assigned a mandatory driver’s license evaluation and taken home by Allina.

• Following a property damage crash at Lexington Avenue and Pleasant Circle on May 31, a 35-year-old Forest Lake man failed a blood-alcohol test and was booked into the Ramsey County Jail on a fourth-degree DWI charge.

• A dope-dazed 26-year-old female was transported from an address in the 500 block of Emil Avenue to Regions Hospital the afternoon of June 1 for treatment of an opioid overdose.

• A bad day just got worse for the Fridley man who told deputies he was having a bad day. Found in the area of Victoria Street and Snail Lake Boulevard on June 3, the intoxicated, belligerent 22-year-old was checked into jail on a disorderly conduct charge.

• Deputies would sure like to talk those involved with ordering and shipping a carat-and-a-half diamond to someone in California. Phone numbers, email addresses and credit card numbers were verified until the big stone was shipped June 3; then things went awry. An investigation continues.

• A deputy enjoying his last day of field training on June 4 captured a 3-foot garter snake from the front yard of a residence in the 800 block of Sherwood Road. The yard-long snake, which had startled a small child and caused the parents to call 911, was released in a swampy area.

• When deputies conducting a traffic stop pulled over the 1993 Toyota Avalon, they learned from the vehicle’s owner that the car had been taken the night of June 5 from a townhouse in northern Shoreview  by her angry, 15-year-old daughter. When a state trooper asked Mom if she wanted to press charges, she said, “absolutely.” The unlicensed daughter was quickly off to the county Juvenile Detention Center on a felony auto theft charge.

• What was first termed an expired license tab offense quickly became serious business when deputies smelled pot following the June 5 stop just after midnight in the 3900 block of Lexington Avenue. They found that the 20-year-old female driver out of Forest Lake was wanted on pending charges of driving after license revocation as well as for the expired license plate tabs. Pot and 39 pills of a suspicious origin were found in her purse. The 20-year-old Columbia Heights male passenger faces pending charges of drug paraphernalia and pot possession. Both suspects were booked into jail and the vehicle was impounded.

• A thief, finding the key to the 14-year-old’s Lexington Avenue YMCA locker in the youth’s backpack while he was taking a swimming lesson, made off with the lad’s iPhone June 5. The phone was valued in excess of $500.

• Bike theft season actually got underway in May with the report of a Bianchi bicycle stolen from a garage in the 3100 block of Lexington Avenue. The theft of the bike was not reported for a month. The red and black model, which has no registration, license or serial number, was last seen in the garage of the residence and was valued at $1,000-1,500, its 69-year-old owner said. No forced entry to the garage was found.

• A 2007 silver Chevy Tahoe pulling a trailer loaded with a broken-down washer and dryer went missing around midnight June 7 in the 100 block of Dennison Avenue. The vehicle, without the trailer, was recovered the next day in Dakota County.

• A man stopped into the service station June 8 in the 5900 block of Rice Creek Parkway to buy some smokes and a bottle of Pepsi. He left with 90-some dollars in change from his $100 bill which, upon close examination, proved to be counterfeit.

• Authorities are puzzled over activity that took place the weekend of June 10 when someone climbed onto the roofs of two service stations across from one another in the 5900 block of Hodgson Road and cut the electrical cords. No suspects.

• A vehicle with a broken “pull-me-over” taillight was stopped at midnight June 10 at I-694 and Lexington Avenue and the male driver booked into the Ramsey County Jail on a fourth-degree DWI charge.

• It just wouldn’t be a Saturday night without some noise to disturb the neighbors. Deputies responded to several calls regarding three large booms that were heard in the 3600 block of Victoria Street around 10 p.m. June 10 but were unable to identify the source. Fireworks are suspected.

• A woman under suspicion of shoplifting the night of June 11 stopped her stroller at the Target service counter in the 3100 block of Lexington Avenue to purchase a gallon of milk. The suspect, 27, had another $60 worth of goods hidden in and around her and her unwitting accomplice, a 1-year-old child. At that point, the woman began to experience breathing problems and was taken for treatment. After recovery, Mom was taken to jail on a theft charge.

• A resident became aware of malware on her computer in May and got around to reporting it on June 12. Meanwhile, the 79-year-old woman kept responding to emails demanding she keep sending gift cards to “Teamview.” Finally, she saw the error of her ways after she was shorted $3,000. No suspects.

• A homeowner in the midst of renovation to her Mound Avenue home left her back door open around the clock for ventilation. That made it easy for the prowler to waltz right in on the evening of June 13 and pick up her Dell Latitude laptop. The computer was valued at $1,000, the 47-year-old told deputies.

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